Sunday, July 08, 2007

...this is almost too painful to look at...

Bill Cosby, on one of his old comedy records, talks about the time his old college football team, Hofstra, was playing in a televised game. And about how, if he was hit in a certain place, he couldn't shield himself, 'cos the TV audience was watching. And, that's where he got hit, hence the immortal line, "I've been hit in the...YOU'D BETTER NOT TOUCH!" (Sorry, "Shield" was the least offensive verb I could think of...this is a G-Rated blog, after all (if just barely).

I was gonna end this post right here, but as I was finishing up, I, all of a sudden, experienced some severe CULTURE SHOCK!!! Here's what happened:

THE 60's REVISITED: Another CD collection of 60's oldies (the "Flower Power" era) is being shown on an infomercial as I type this...and, an OLD Peter Fonda is one of the hosts of the infomercial. There he is, with gray sideburns, thinning hair, and a LEATHER MOTORCYCLE JACKET on. I'd daresay he looks RIDICULOUS, but I won't, lest I offend other old bikers out there! I feel kinda sad for old Peter, if that's the only acting gig he can get these days.

Okay, I'm done. It's not gonna get any worse than this. I promise. At least for now.


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