Monday, July 09, 2007

I remember the good ol' CHEAP days...
...a journey through the past to the land of low, low prices...

I remember when I could fill up my gas tank for five bucks and get change back. And that was before the days of self-service. And I'm talking about a tank for a CAR, not a lawn mower.

I remember when my high school buddies and I all used to go out cruisin' on weekend nights, after which we all went to the pizza place. You could get a 16" pizza for $5.99.

I remember when a cup of coffee cost a quarter, and this was back before the days of "breve", "tall", "grande", or other such terms which now signify the Starbuckization of America.

I remember when record albums, new, cost $4.98 for a stereo LP, or $3.98 for mono. Now, your average new really short-on-music compact disc will set you back $15 or $20. Or more.

I remember the days when I lived in a fairly new, clean and roomy 1-bed apartment in the middle of town for $135 a month. It's hard to a similar apartment these days for under $500 a month.

I remember my mom sending me to the grocery store for a loaf of bread; the big red and white sticker on the end of the loaf said 27 cents. I hardly ever see a loaf under a dollar these days.

I remember when Hostess fruit pies were priced at 17 cents. That was back in the 70s, when I'd eat one on my break when I worked at the grocery store. Now they're priced at $1.30 or thereabouts.

So, everything's going up, everywhere ya look. Utility bills, tires, furniture, breakfast at yer favorite restaurant, whatever. So I fully expect to see this soon...

I stole this foto from, where employees pay a quarter in order to activate the water cooler.

Obviously, this little girl's business enterprise has not been "Starbuckized" yet...


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