Monday, July 09, 2007

Could this be a sign of GLOBAL WARMING???
Our topsy-turvy world is getting more and more topsy-turvy all the time!

An old High School buddy of mine is flyin' high these days; in fact, as I write this, he is over SEVEN THOUSAND FEET above me. He now lives in Colorado, and he's turning into a dedicated mountain man REAL fast. We both graduated from high school in 1972, the same year that John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" hit the charts. Little did I know that he would end up taking that song so doggone seriously. He and his lady are leading the high life these days ('high' as in 'atmospherically'), and most any weekend will find them scamperin' over them mountain ranges like a coupla billy-goats, and nothin' can stop them.

But as you know, we as a planet are experiencing global warming, and as such, animal life here on Earth will be going through massive upheaval if they aren't already...'the times, they are a-changin'', a wandering minstrel once sang, and in this day and age, well, things are different out there. This is no longer the world of our forefathers. Or foremothers. And, to borrow a phrase once effectively utilized by the Firesign Theater comedy troupe, "everything you know is wrong", hikers beware, and for heavens' sake, be PREPARED for...

Here's a new species that I'm sure is sitting on (or swimming in) the endangered list, right up there with the spotted owl.

...I think I hear the theme from "Jaws" playing somewhere in the distance...


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