Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't Buy Me LUVS...
Uh-oh...a new commercial featuring BEATLES' music is on the horizon!

For those of you who may not remember, back in the 1990's, NIKE was airing running shoe commercials that featured the Beatles song, "Revolution" as the soundtrack. Beatle fans all over the world were up in arms. How dare you desecrate a Beatles song in this manner? George Harrison said at the time that something needed to be done, lest Beatles songs be used in commercials for ladies' underwear or sausages. He actually said that. And obviously nothing has been done. For, advertising has now sunk to a new all-time low. The following is an article that I mailed to this blog. It is the REAL HONEST truth. I have to say that, because it "reads" like something I made up. Nope, folks, this is the real thing. Would I lie?

"The year is merely half over, yet we may have our 2007 winner for cheesiest use of a rock song in a commercial: Procter & Gamble will be employing the Beatles' 1967 No. 1 hit 'All You Need Is Love' to spread awareness of its Luvs Bear Hug Stretch disposable diaper. And yes, the Fab Four's one-world anthem will be cleverly amended to reflect the new baby-poop-centric lyric "All you need is Luvs." Now, don't be alarmed: That sound you hear is just Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr climbing in John Lennon's and George Harrison's graves for the purpose of a group spin. And for those of you who figured the first Beatles song to be employed in a diaper ad would be 'When I'm 64,' for Depends, no dice."

The foto at left depicts our heroes in 1967...the "summer of LUVS"?

And there ya have it, folks...Beatles music being used to advertise something babies CRAP in! So, I guess, the sky's the limit. We've sunk about as low as we're gonna get. So, I've jumped on the Beatle Bandwagon; here's some suggestions I have for other commercials using BEATLES music:

*DAY TRIPPER: Use Hertz Rent-a-car for a day or two.
*TICKET TO RIDE: Print your own airline "ticket" from your home computer.
*STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER: Smucker's Jam commercial, of course.
*YELLOW SUBMARINE: Newest ride at Disneyworld.
*HELP!: Would work great for H&R Block tax-preparation commercials.
*I FEEL FINE: Laxative makers should LEAP at this one.
*A HARD DAY'S NIGHT: Hotel commercials that appeal to busy, overworked executives on road trips.
*LOVE ME DO: Well, we can't leave out commercials for Viagra...
*PLEASE PLEASE ME: This one's for the makers of Levitra...
*PAPERBACK WRITER: Late-nite infomercial. You, too, can be an author!
*HELLO GOODBYE: Cell-phones! "I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello". Well, switch to our network then! We have the fewest dropped calls!

Ironically, two songs John Lennon wrote were inspired by commercials:
*GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING: from Sgt. Pepper (Lennon heard a commercial for cornflakes!) and
*CRY BABY CRY (from the White album)...its lyrics include 'Cry, Baby, Cry, make your mother sigh'; the commercial Lennon saw, said, 'make your mother BUY'...(according to Beatles' biographer Hunter Davies).

Well, I've reached the end of the Long and Winding Road. So now it's time to Let It Be. Such is A Day In The Life.


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