Friday, June 15, 2007

Yet another way that I'm behind the times...
I Don't Watch "Reality TV" shows!

I can't bring myself to watch a lot of stuff on TV. For instance, I have never watched one single solitary minute of "American Idol". These poor kids are up there on stage, giving everything they've got, only to be pilloried by smarmy-know-it-all, talentless-hack judges. Sorry, I just don't like to see people shot down in public. Not my style.

I never watched a complete episode of whatever reality-show that Paris Hilton was in...although, it seems that what's happening in her life right now, being in JAIL, might make some great TV, especially if MSNBC happens to do one of their "Lockup" programs starring her. Paris says she's found God in jail. Gimme a break!

I don't watch the reality show starring Gene Simmons, the former bass player of KISS whose tongue could be used for a bullwhip. He is a smarmy and stupidly arrogant person who tries oh, so hard to act cool; I liked Kiss' music, but I don't care for him as a person. I just can't bring myself to watch crap like that.

I used to watch "Dog: The Bounty Hunter", and Duane 'Dog' Chapman is a good guy, surrounded by some good people, but I got tired of watching it, and haven't seen an episode in over a year now. I don't know why I got tired of it. I just did. Maybe because for every single new episode that's shown, 27 'repeat' episodes are transmitted.

I never watched "Wife Swap" or whatever that show was called; you know, where guys traded wives for a couple of weeks, with all hell breaking loose in both families. All hell was always breaking loose in our family, and my Dad didn't need to change wives for that to happen. So I don't need to see family turmoil on TV.

There is one show that I haven't even considered watching yet; it's called "Cris Angel: Mindfreak", and it's a show where good ol' Cris does Houdini-like escapes from impossible predicaments. I always get queasy watching things like that because I'm afraid the guy is gonna die before he can get himself out. But, there IS one episode of "Mindfreak" that I just might tune in for:

Another one o'them photos. You'd think they'd know by now that crazy pics like this are fair game.


And finally, I'll end this piece of sheer idiocy with a little piece of practical poetry: "When you shake a catsup bottle, first none comes out, and then a lot'l!


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