Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome, my friends, to the blog that never ends...for this is

Wow...600 posts. Each time I visit my posting-page, it shows me the number of blog entries I've "committed", so I've been aware that I was approaching "600" for some time now. I am not sure how festive an occasion this is, but hey, I'll go "all out", by making each paragraph a different color. No room for stupid hats or party favors on the internet, after all. (Al Gore hasn't authorized them, ha ha.) And, I've been thinking about what I was going to post, once I reached this point. Hence, the not altogether original observation typed in green below...

I see this blog as sort of a "conduit" through which my thoughts flow, and in a way I feel like a phony, because, I am a lot more 'together' here, than I am in real life. I have anxiety attacks that at times make it hard for me to communicate. In the 'manic' phase of my bi-polarity, I feel like I must be 'tweaking' on something, although I've never actually 'tweaked' on anything in my life. I wish I could be more like the person I appear to be in this blog; you know, the casual, relaxed, yet sharply critical and knowledgable individual I try to be when I post here. And, one more observation: first red, then green paragraphs. Looks like a Christmas post, huh? Well, today (June 25th) means there's only 6 months 'til Christmas. Better get that holiday shopping done!

A blogsite I habitually visit time and time again was wondering, what a "blog-year" would be. Seems like ages, don't it? On that blogsite, I replied that if, say, the overall blogging average for everyone who blogs is twice a week, then, I suppose a blog-year would be somewhere around 600. (That's actually less than a calendar year's posting at two per week.) I began this blog in the fall of 2005, and posted like a madman, sometimes with two or three (or more) posts per day. Well, I just don't have the energy to post like that anymore, nor the desire, really. Although I seem to have stepped up production lately. Sometimes, I can still churn out 3 or 4 posts a week. And according to the handy-dandy little "counter" thing below, there are those from various sites who visit here. F'rinstance...

One noteworthy visit to my blog actually got me mentioned on some medical website! I was griping about how stupid the Sally Field commercials which advertise some sort of bone-density drug are...Sally's friend says she has to take her medication once a week, which is SO time-consuming, to which Sally says, she only has to take hers ONCE a month! Meantime I take at least 6 pills every night. I'd written, "do the people who write these commercials think we're MORONS?" And that got picked up by the medical community. I googled "Atmospheric Ruminations" one nite, and there it was! There I was, raisin' hell!

However, something quite noteworthy did (or, actually, didn't) happen to me today. Here in my little Oregon Coast town, I was driving into the downtown area (which I still don't know all that well yet) and I saw lights flashing in my rearview mirror! ACK!!! I began mentally tweaking. Help! The lady cop who got out asked me (as all cops do to everyone they stop), "do you know why I pulled you over?" And of course I gazed up at her with innocent doe-eyes and said, "no". Turns out I ran a red light! And get this: she gave me a WARNING! No ticket! I actually asked her, "are you cutting me a break?" And she said, "you don't want a ticket". I guess she'd had a good day or whatever. I didn't mean to sound chauvinistic about this, but I told her, "it's awfully sweet of you to do that". And then, I tried to rectify that, by saying she was "very professional". She let me go after running a red light. There is still some mercy in this world. If I'd run a red-light in the town I USED to live in, they would have thrown the book, the bookshelves and the entire LIBRARY at me.

Well, the time has come to shut down this 600th post. Hence, a paragraph in basic black. I've just heard Paris Hilton is going to be let out of jail in a few hours, to once again be a free (and slightly anorexic) do-nothing, talentless, image-oriented popular-sort-of-person who's never earned the celebrity she has. A changed woman, she says. Maybe I should've typed this paragraph in Orange, for THAT'S THE COLOR OF THE JAIL JUMP-SUIT SHE HAD TO WEAR while serving her time. I bet she didn't like the way it clashed with her bleached-blonde hair. Oh, there I go being "sharply critical" again, as if I were perfect or something. Hey, we need Paris Hilton. She gets our mind off all the other tragic news that's happening out there. For a while, anyway.

Well, how do I bring to a conclusion this historic (if not hysteric) 600th posting? Well, I suppose I'll observe this occasion by first shutting down this laptop computer, and then I'll finish off the box of "Cheese Nips" that I started last night. Yeah, that'll work.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Does your last parapgraph mean we need inanity to maintain sanity????? HaHahaha.....

Congratulations on your longevity!

I'm coming up on two years of this nonsense July 4th - no where near 600 posts!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Idaho Escapee said...

Hi, Ms. Dogwalker..."Inanity to maintain sanity"...hmmm; if I'd been smarter, I might've thot of that!

7:03 PM  
Blogger Jinx said...

congratulations on your 600 post.

9:17 PM  

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