Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just what this blog needed...
Things have been way too serious here lately!

Over the last couple of weeks, I ordered a couple of photo-manipulation gizmos over Ebay, and the two gizmos I have now pretty-much do what the "one" gizmo I had before does. It doesn't sound like I'm making progress, but at least I have something else to put in this blog now, other than ultra-serious longwinded diatribes. Hey, who cares about content, it's all about the image, right? (That's what Andre Agassi, the tennis bum, used to say on those old Kodak commercials.)

So, what I have here in this post are examples of pure tomfoolery. The world of photo satire. And as long as I can do this, I don't have to read newspapers or stay aware of current events in order to have something to post...unless I want to, that is. Anyway, photo-sabotage satire #1 involves a photo from my former hometown noozepaper, the Spokesman-Review. A kid shot a boar. But not just your average-sized boorish boar...this one is one heckuva HUGE boar. So I tampered with it...

Notice how craftily I alluded to political corruption in an otherwise innocent and highly unusual photo. Ah, but that doesn't have enough 'bite' for you, you say? (I can hear the murmurs of skepticism out there in cyberspace.) Okay, for those of you who want a more incisive commentary on today's news developments, well, in the news lately is a brewing skirmish between Prezzident Bush and Russian head honcho Vladdy Putin, a guy who just "oozes" a degree of sinister oppression. Observe...

But I imagine that some of you are just disgusted with anything of a political nature. There's just so much political stuff out there to be aware of; there has to be, to justify all of the 24-hour news channels which inundate us mercilessly and ceaselessly with just 'everything'. And even though these shows run everything into the ground, sometimes I have a hard time changing channels, especially when there's a healthy scandal brewing. But it is hard to stay ahead of everything. So, let's all focus on something we can relate to...namely, GAS PRICES:

Okay, that's pretty shameless. And obvious. Then again, it would be pretty cool to drive past a gas station and actually see a gas-price sign that contained these words! This particular sign is basically for those who are still brave enough to try and find out how much they're being gouged every time they fill up.

This next gas sign represents the mindless acceptance that things will just keep going up and up and up and there's no end in sight. Oh, gas prices might dip for a while, reaching a level that is only 40 or 50 cents a gallon above what it was last year before it skyrockets again. This is how we, the driving public, are lulled into submission. And, perhaps, you don't even want to know how much gas IS, because you'll get depressed. So you just bite the bullet, put the nozzle in the gas tank (or, have the attendant do it if you're in Oregon), and dump a few gallons in. If this is your outlook, this sign is for you:

Too much fun. Me and my little computer toys, having a bit of innocent fun. No harm intended. Although the KGB is probably kinda perturbed at the Bush/Putin thing. Aw, come on, guys, lighten up! And I'll have fun, fun, fun, 'till somebody takes my 'puter away. (Apologies to the Beach Boys there.)

And, on the MSNBC former-Imus slot this morning, Joe Scarborough is back in the saddle, which surprises me since Tucker Carlson was riding the rails yesterday. Wait...Carlson is humorless and devoid of I guess I'm not THAT surprised. That's all, folks!


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