Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another meandering weekend post...
...oh, I know what you're thinking; "don't they all meander?"

Deadly deja vu all over again...The Mark Peterson case was splashed all over the news media back a couple of years ago. Basically, he eliminated his family in one fell swoop. And right now, ol' Mark's a resident of the San Quentin Crossbar Hotel, and unlike the Eagles, he CAN'T check out anytime he likes. And you would think that people would learn from news developments such as these. But, "naaaaaah"...seems another guy is accused of killing his pregnant wife, so he gets two, two, two murders for the price of one. And the guy's name is Bobby CUTTS. Oh, sometimes irony can be cruel. And no, I am not making light of this tragedy. I'm just thinking that people just never seem to learn, do they? For, no matter how much you want to kill someone, at last count, murder is illegal. Except in Iraq, I guess. Whoa...I'd better stop there...
Working on the night moves...Of course, you remember Bob Seger's big hit, "Night Moves". How can you forget? The radio virtually played the song to death. Seger's inspiration for that song comes from true life; he grew up in the midwest, and at night, teenagers would all meet at night, way out in the fields, on desolate roads and party to the radio as the headlights provided illumination. (That's the story as best as I can remember.) Seems like here on the Oregon Coast, the same thing happens, only differently; last night, several groups of teenagers were gathered around campfires on the beach after sunset...with the waves roaring in the background and the mist rolling in off the ocean as the fog horn could be heard in the background. It's sort of a passage of rites in a way. Kids in pickup trucks bring in a load of lumber which is then dumped on the beach and torched. And they gather 'round the flames in this social gathering. Kinda cool.
Junior comes back to Seattle...Ken Griffey Jr. returned to Seattle after a long absence as interleague play continued, with the Cincinatti Reds taking on the Mariners. So far, Cincinatti's won the first game, Seattle won last night's contest, with game 3 on Sunday afternoon. Ken Griffey, Jr. was a member of the Mariners for quite a long while before he went to Cincinatti, but during his time with the Mariners, he hit a buncha home runs and acrobatic defensive plays for him were virtually a daily thing. Griffey still has a large following in Seattle, so it's gotta be strange to root for one team, yet hope that Griffey, on the other team, hits one more homer in Seattle, something he hasn't done yet in the team's first two games. Anyway, being a Mariner can be a frustrating thing, and I wonder if Mr. Griffey ever had this thought bouncing around in his head...
The Seattle Mariners went to the division playoffs way way back in 1995. Will that ever happen again? Right now, they have an outside chance for the Wild Card, but their pitching still needs to get a little more consistent. Pitchers Jeff Weaver and Jared Washburn looked pretty good in their most recent outings, and Richie Sexson's bat is beginning to heat up. Hey, win or lose, I'll stick with the M's. Some people watch soap operas; me, I scope out Mariners' games. Blog update: "Junior" hit two home runs in today's game, which the Mariners won.
The saga of the long-lost 5th Beatle...His name was Stu Sutcliffe; a close friend of John Lennon. He was a painter, with immense artistic promise. During his time with the Beatles in the early '60s, after a gig, the Beatles got in a fight with jealous boyfriends of girls who admired the group, and poor ol' Stu got kicked in the head, and medical sources say his skull got dented by someone's boot, which later contributed to Stu's intense headaches and eventual death in 1962. Stu's picture can be found in the extreme left corner of the crowd on the Sgt. Pepper album cover, and his paintings are still being exhibited at various locations around the globe. What you'll see below is a rendering that Stu Sutcliffe did of John Lennon way, waaay back in the early days...quite a thought-provoking drawing...
Actually, the more I think about it, the subject of this painting looks a bit more like a guy named Pete Shotton, who had curly hair and played washboard in "The Quarrymen", a pre-fab group led by John Lennon. I've seen a couple of old Quarrymen pictures, so I have something to base this on. And I'm sure, since Sutcliffe knew Lennon, and Lennon knew Shotton, that all three knew of each other. Have I opened up a genuine bona fide rock and roll mystery here?
And, at this point, I am going to bring this batch of cyberspace gumbo (a bit of this, a pinch of that) to a merciful end. Since it's the wee-small-hours, I'm gonna work on the "night moves". In other words, "ZZZzzzz".


Blogger Phil said...

You're right, it does look like Shotton. Did you ever read Shotton's book about his friendship with John? It's fascinating.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Hiya, Phil; yes, I've read "The Beatles, Lennon and me" by Pete Shotton; it's hilarious in its depiction of the Beatles' early days, and there are some interesting things about later in the Beatles' career when Shotton actually gave them the idea of how to resolve "Eleanor Rigby" by having her die in a church and Father McKenzie presides at her funeral.

12:59 AM  

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