Sunday, May 20, 2007

The return of WORD MATCH, and other lil' changes...

Popular demand? Well, ONE reader was wondering about this blog. Actually, a lot of people probably wonder, "Is the author OUT OF HIS MIND?" But this reader, "Steve" (I'm pretty sure I know which Steve), wrote me a 'comment' at the bottom of the previous that comment, he said he missed "Word Match", and that he actually got most of the matches correct. Okay, well, since he is 1 of my 3 faithful readers, he represents 33.39999% of my readership, and after all, if yer a good blogger, you try and keep 'em happy. So, WORD MATCH is's on the left side of the page, near the bottom of the sidebar. I also made most of the items in the 'sidebar' GREEN so as to apply a little bit of contrast to the situation. (The 'on this day in history' feature didn't have color options.)

Something else that's new...that goofy little cow-thing (?) you see off to your immediate left actually counts the seconds of your life as they whiz by, and the hours and minutes are marked off by the position of the cow's eyeballs. Strange! And if you have a hard time figuring that out, my little cartoon-clock with the "boar" (bore?) gives you a hand-drawn digital reading. Hand-drawn digital? I didn't know that was possible. And of course, as always, you can see how long you've got until you can celebrate by dancing in the streets when George W. Bush's term is OVER. Done. Finito. Et Cetera. You can download all kinds of clocks, including "countdown" clocks, at It's easy. It's gotta be. I did it, after all. Finally, there's a little 'dictionary box' down below, where you can type in a word, select which reference you'd like to use, and 'presto', you'll find the meaning of the word. So, with all these little brain-teasers, if you come away bored (from the posts themselves) it's likely you'll be informed (from all the little gizmos and dealies I've tossed in here).

In addition, I narrowed down the entertainment features, which are located below the 'archives'. Steve had said that the stuff on the left side of the page was actually running into my postings, making 'em hard(er) to read, and after all, since my postings are HIGHLY IMPORTANT STUFF, I sure wouldn't want to complicate things by rendering them unreadable. (They're probably close to unreadable anyway.) Now, on my computer, nothing was "running" into anything else, but different computers see things differently. If the side copy runs into the posts themselves, you can go into "active desktop" and re-set all of your pixels so that doesn't happen, but I went ahead and narrowed down those features anyway, just in case the reader is more unfamiliar with computer stuff than I am (which is an extremely remote possibility!) So, I've tried to "take a sad song and make it better" here. You're always welcome to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Try not to swear at me when you do so.

You know how most people talk about things they've heard or seen around the water cooler? When it comes to my blog, people stand around the water cooler and try to forget what they read here. Actually, I feel like I'm getting to be an old hand at this blog-template-adjustment stuff. The blog template has a whole bunch of computer tekkie stuff in it, all kinds of things like "<:*insanity=the total effect of^..:{reading this blog}>", for instance. So you scroll down thru all that stuff until you get to "begin sidebar", where all the stuff at the left of this page is located. Then, you have to use your imagination, and plenty of trial and error, and paste the link you've just copied into the proper place in the template. Personally, I'd rather have "sausage" links. As part of a big breakfast.

This is one of those "Seinfeld" know, a post about NOTHING. But I really wanna make this blog a fun little place to stop by. And I do appreciate criticism, although I hope you take Paul Simon's philosophy: "Show a little tenderness with your honesty". (The song is 'Tenderness' on the "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" album from 1973...)


Blogger Word Tosser said...

whew, I thought it was my computer... the bleeding of the side bar into the post... thanks for fixing it....
ps.. I too, like the match words.. I am at 50/50...

4:49 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

So, Cis, did the columns bleed together for a long time? They never did on my computer. The download sites feature a variety of "widths", so I went into those and selected widths that weren't the biggest or smallest. Juuust right. So I guess it works for everyone now.

6:26 PM  

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