Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Moronic assorted ramblings...
...it's gonna be interesting to see how this post turns out!

Blog Update department: This blogsite began posting on my blog, "update your blog now; switch to the NEW way of blogging, using your Google Account!" Nope, don't want to. Don't have a Google account and don't want one. Then, this blogsite posted in BIGGER type..."see how much BETTER the blog will be if you access it thru Google", but still left me a choice between that option and the regular old blog-option I always use. Finally, I got kicked in the blog-butt; I signed on one day and found out I could only access my blog the old way ONCE MORE, and then I would HAVE to get a Google e-mail account which would also enable me to access my blog. Okay, OKAY!!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!! I'LL SWITCH, DAMMIT!!! So I opened a Google e-mail address. I used my password, the password I've always used, and when I entered said password, Google told me that I had a weak password that any lobotomized idiot could access. Ok, so I changed my password. Google told me the new password was a little better, and finally after all that riggermoral, I got back into my blog. And everything works like before.

A few days later, I decided to try and access my Google e-mail account; you know, the Google e-mail account that I needed with which to open up my blogsite. So I went to Google e-mail, and when I got there, it said something to the effect of, "Google e-mail is going through a trial phase, and while this is happening, you cannot access your e-mail account". Once again, I thot to myself (everyone join in, please)..."HUH? WHAT?" So, to sum up: Old way to access blog no longer available. Need Google e-mail account to access blog. Opened up Google e-mail account. Accessed blog. Tried to use Google e-mail, and I can't use it. Is it me, or do I just not understand corporate America sometimes? An e-mail account that DOESN'T work, just to get to a blog that had worked all along. That's like someone giving you the key to a car, only the key doesn't fit. Maybe I'M the one who needs the lobotomy!

Corporate America is totally wacky: I'm not sure if I already posted this little incident, but I'll run thru it again briefly, because I'm telling you this so I can tell you something else. Your turn: "Huh? WHAT?" I was given a final total I had to pay to close out my cable TV bill where I used to live. So I paid it, no problem. Then they sent me a refund check which was roughly equal to the final bill I paid. HUH? They coulda just absorbed my "spillover" and applied it to my account, rather than ante up for the postage and processing expenses it took to mail my check. And people wonder why Cable is so expensive. Well, the same thing happened with Verizon. You know, the big bad phone company that is doing its level best to be everyone's phone company. I paid a final Verizon bill to close up my North Idaho account. Now I'm down here in Oregon, and I opened up another Verizon account. I paid my first Verizon bill down here in Oregon the other day, no problem.

In the meantime, I got an $11.00 REFUND check from Verizon, from my OLD account. My turn again: "Huh? What?" I don't understand how I can overpay, if I pay each bill when it's due, which I DO. Think of all the additional expense Verizon (and many other companies) go to, to issue checks, the time and labor involved, the additions to the bookkeeping system, material expenses such as paper, ink, toner and whatever other raw materials are needed to issue checks to me, and everyone else in this fine land of ours who gets refund checks, and wonders why they get 'em. Do companies like this charge extra as part of a little slush fund, maybe to finance the coffee breaks in their employee lounges or whatever, and then when an account closes, they figure, "well, we hung on to this extra money as long as we can", then they issue refunds, knowing that new accounts will be opened, and they can charge each new account extra, but refundable, money? I just really don't understand corporate thinking sometimes. Look, I love getting money in the mail, but would ALL bills be LESS if monetary matters were more precise, so refund checks wouldn't have to be mailed out? Am I totally off-base here?

Super Bowl or Stupor Bowl?: Oh, the game was okay. I predicted Indy would win by 10; they won by 12. I can just see the Vegas casinos now: they're all saying how accurate I was, and won't let me in should I wanna bet down there, because I'm just too doggone good. (ha ha) The game was pretty good, until the Bears' quarterback lost a couple of snaps, and then threw a dumb interception. "So how was Rex' performance?" "Gross, man." (Insert rim-shot) It wasn't an issue of how good a quarterback was; it was more, 'which quarterback made the least mistakes' type of thing. But I'm glad ol' Peyton got a Super Bowl victory. It takes all the pressure off. Now he can justify the mega-millions he's making. "What, you don't like the fact I get paid more in one minute for tossing a football around than you make in ten years in whatever hostile workplace you toil away in?"

If the game was the "Super Bowl", the halftime performance by Prince (the former symbol that we've all tried to forget) was one of the worst entertainment presentations I have ever seen. Truly, the "Stupor" bowl, consisting of Prince, in an idiotic do-rag, playing lame versions of songs done better by other artists, and what really killed me was the crowd clapping along to this lame music like seals imprisoned in the San Diego Zoo. AND THEY WERE STANDING IN A DOWNPOUR OF SHEETS OF RAIN WHILE DOING SO! There are others who are making note of his "guitar strokes" (I DON'T mean strumming); hey, I'm dense, I didn't really pick up on that...I was basically just disgusted and disenfranchised by the entire performance, long before his silhouette was projected onto an obviously soaked sheet of cheap fabric. I hate to say this, but the ROLLING STONES' Super Bowl performance was more entertaining, even if Mick Jagger looked like it was all he could do to not be bored during his 12-millionth performance of "Satisfaction". One reason I like the playoffs better than the Super Bowl? NO IDIOTIC HALFTIME SHOWS!

Well, there ya have it. Another concise collection of cultural commentary. (Say that fast a dozen times!) Not bad though, considering I didn't think I had anything worth typing about when I began this monstrosity...


Blogger Word Tosser said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on blogspot. They are driving me crazy. I go to post and I do the wordtosser thing.. which sends me to the google, then I type in the email address and the password. And if I am really lucky... it will take me to the dashboard. I said.. if I am lucky.

And then there is the commenting on other blogs. Which has taken me up to 4 times to do it. I put in the google name as they said you can do that. it comes back... so I do the wordtosser... which comes back and tells me they don't like my password.. (excuse me.. it is my password.. and it is too correct) which sends me back to doing the email and password... and then it ask me ..are you sure you want to go to this unsecure area.. Where is that cartoon of the woman pulling her hair out as she is running... that is me..
ok, now... I will go see if I can get this comment on, with out a hassle...

6:42 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hi, Cis...as you can finally see, I was finally able to post a comment on MY OWN blog. I suppose in the future, "blogger.com" has to give me permission>

1:00 AM  

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