Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Welcome to another post, I guess...
More of the same, only different. You know what I mean!

This post was not easy. I really had nothing to post. Which will become sorely evident as you read thru it. I used to post like a raving maniac. These days, I'm trying to post more like a subdued maniac. So, I just sat in front of my monitor, staring at the blank screen until inspiration came. Well, that never happened, but I typed some stuff anyway...

The State Of The Union: Prezzident Bush evidently said a whole bunch of words last night in his State of the Union address. Did I watch? Did I listen? I can't bear to. I just can't watch him; it just looks like he's gonna rupture any minute. His approval ratings are in the sewer; our nation doesn't want to be in this war; political committees have told our Prezzident that we need to change course. And the Prezzident is out of touch, just so out of touch. This last weekend was evidently little short of disastrous as far as our casualties in Iraq are concerned. We're all being urged to curb our energy consumption, yet how much energy are we using for fighter planes, hum-vees, tanks and the rest of the war machinery? The Iraq war is now basically a civil war. It's not our war. Look, we got rid of Saddam Hussein, we paved the way for Iraq's first democratic (well, as democratic as Iraq can be) elections; in my view, that nation is about as self-sufficient as it will ever be. So, MR. PREZZIDENT, we have already achieved our objectives. Let's get out of there, okay?

What are those OLD GUYS doing playing rock and roll?: Since I moved here last month, to ye olde Oregon Coast, I have been in more musical situations and met more ego-less musical people here, than in the last decade up in Coeur d'Alene. The bar we all jam in is owned by a guy who also owns a music store. So, he gets to test out all the guitars and guitar gizmos in a live musical environment. It is like a big musical playground, and I've been playing both drums and guitar. One thing I've noticed about the jams though...people who look old, balding and graying...they tend to play heavy metal stuff; one such aggregation got on stage tonight and began playing JUDAS PRIEST songs! Of course, this can't have anything to do with ME getting old, too. Or can it? People who are beginning to look OLD are playing newer music than I normally play! I guess I must be headed for the rock and roll rest home.

I remember when a Hard Drive meant traveling on a rough road: Okay, that's not especially intelligent, but I had to begin this segment somehow. My old computer is making a lot of rude noises lately. If you put your ear to the computer tower, it sounds like I've got computer termites. get the idea. I now have DSL and still my ol' machine moves slowly. I called tech-support at Verizon, and the tech lady actually got inside my computer thru some fancy program, and she determined my connection was good. I described my computer symptoms, and she basically told me my machine is dying a slow, agonizing cyber death. So I guess it's off to Radio Shack to go get a new hard drive. You know your computer's in sad shape when it moves slower on DSL than it does on dial-up.

Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb: I just saw a news report that caught my attention...a cattle farmer here in the northwest went out to feed his cattle, and who was mingling among them, but a SEA know, those huge seal-type creatures that zip up and down the the COASTAL waters. And it appears this particular sea lion swam up some sort of irrigation canal, THEN traveled on dry land, over a MILE, where he made some new bovine friends. I 'spose that's not without precedent; I have heard from locals down here that sea lions sometimes travel 25 or 30 miles upstream in their quest for food. They're BIG. And a little bit scary. I came within 20 feet of a large group of sea lions laying around on the harbor docks. And doggone it, that was one of the few times I DIDN'T have my camera with me.

Like I said, this wasn't a very inspired posting. The way I look at it, though, ANYONE can post when they have something to post about. It is the true dedicated blogging professional who grinds out the copy (sorta like my computer's hard drive), when there's really nothing to post about. I have to face the fact that if I hold my breath waiting for inspiration, I'll self-suffocate!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ought to get yourself down to Ano Nuevo Beach in California when the Elephant Seals come ashore for the birthing season in the spring! Talk about BIG and FAST!!!

I know locals think the sea lions are pests but I think they're neat. Just like the deer that grazed in our yard in Rochester, NY. The neighbors hated them but I never tired of watching them.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Word Tosser said...

So the squirrels are walking instead of running in the computer cage, huh? You know I have been having a time of it posting too. Must be the winter.. Of course you down there, it is spring time. lol.. but the doom and gloomy, fog weather has sure put cob webs in my head. I am shocked I came up with the American Idol and Presidential debate idea. I have been posting in the mornings because I sit here at night and draw a blank. Almost didn't post two different days. Almost left a blank page with the word NOTHING in it. lol.. Oh, well, we will get thru the writers block soon and be writing like the champ you are.

5:40 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hiya, Mme. Dogwealker...Elephant seals birthing? uhhhhh, they're already obnoxious enough (arf arf arf arf arf!!!!!) when they're not birthing. Even though I enjoy almost all forms of animal life...especially the unusual animals...(do humans qualify?)

Cis...regarding the American "Idle" thing, just think what Simon Cowbell would say in criticizing Prezzident Bush's performance! "You're STUPID! You're a MORON! And you're UGLY, too!"

11:58 PM  

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