Sunday, December 10, 2006

UNDERWHELMING Sports developments...
Maybe all of this proves that sports shouldn't be taken seriously!

Arizona: That's the way the ball bounces...Coach Dennis Erickson, who led the Idaho Vandals to all kinds of football glory years ago, came back for a second stint in VandalVille. He'd coached in the NFL, and in several different states before landing again in Moscow and promising grrreat things. So, was the "Erickson Magic" back in Vandalville? You be the judge; under his tutelage last year, the Vandals had a 4-8 record. Erickson has now migrated over to Arizona State; he is now officially the coach there. I guess Erickson must be a great coach if another school wants him after a PATHETIC LOSING SEASON AT IDAHO.

Rumor has it that Erickson (am I misspelling his last name?) must stay at least one season, and must remain at Arizona State long enough to take the flack just in case they have a losing season. See, when yer a Vandal Coach, and you wanna change affiliations, you can just move out in the middle of the night, slinking like a snake noiselessly 'till yer out of sight, sorta like when the original Cleveland Browns football team moved out in the middle of the night and re-located in another town. I just wonder how dumb, stupified and incredulous Vandal Boosters must be these days.

Gosh, maybe I can get $55 million, too...After all, I too, can throw a baseball. And I have a hard time throwing it where I want it to go. And the ball I throw will be super easy to hit, that is, if I don't walk the batter, which I would probably do. That means me and former (yes, I said former) Mariners Pitcher GIL MECHE have a lot in common. He's shown flashes of brilliance, which have been dimmed by his consistent mediocrity. Seattle just got tired of waiting for him to do something good. And another team is paying Gil $55 MILLION over five years! That's just gotta work out to several-thousand-dollars a PITCH! I think Gil Meche as a pitcher is sorta like Brian Bosworth as a football player. The "Boz" is probably STILL making money offa that big contract he & the 'Hawks agreed to long ago. Can you say "washout"? I knew ya could...

Word has it that the market for pitchers for the 2007 baseball season is not good. Seattle will once again be stuck trying to dip into their farm system to see if there's any pitchers who have promise. Such as RAFAEL SORIANO, the hard-throwing right-hand setup man that SEATTLE GOT RID OF in this off-season. He was one of Seattle's most powerful pitchers. And the M's, in all their bumbling, stumbling glory, got rid of him. In a twisted way, it makes sense. It IS Seattle, after all. If the Mariners don't get at least one more quality starter, they once again will finish with a sub-.500 record at the end of the '07 season. I guess it's a good thing I don't take sports too seriously, huh?

Well, maybe this is the kind of blog entry I'll continue to feature here, if indeed I decide to keep this thing going. Maybe I'll write better, now that I'm not using photos. Well, I can't get any worse, right? I said, rrrrright???


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come back come back whereever you are. lol

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