Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Only The Strong Survive"...
This Jerry Butler song from 1968 is appropriate right about now!

Yep, the Holiday season is among us. Will YOU survive? After filling yourself full of hot dead bird meat, the HOLIDAY SHOPPING BEGINS! And of course, from here on in, annoying TV commercials from stores with oodles and gobs of stuff on sale who graciously invite you all to stop by and max out your charge cards. It can be a stressful time. You gotta get snow tires. You gotta get a new warm coat. You gotta try and provide gifts for your insatiable little brats who've got to have the newest thing.

You might find yourself waiting 48 hours in freezing cold in front of a Megalo-Mart, so that you can be the first shopper who lays hands on one of those goofy-looking subhuman dolls blessed with a cute fuzzy character, that not only cries and wets, but cries and wets at the same time. All over you. After all, all the other kids are gonna get one, right? It's been advertised to death everywhere. Just the thing for your spoiled-brat little daughter who just has to have everything.

Or, you might want to get for your little monster son, a G.I. Joe for modern times; not only does the G.I. Joe doll include fatigues, helmet and combat boots, he comes specially equipped with a nuclear bomb launcher (exploding bombs extra, of course) and instruments of torture strapped around his belt. Strange, the availability of all kinds of soldier dolls, yet I've never heard of a toy manufacturer making a miniaturized COFFIN to put the soldier in.

So, what kind of peachy-keen, novel, all-new form of entertainment lurks out there for YOU, the grownup, who's had to put up with Black Friday, Blue Saturday and Black-And-Blue Sunday? (That, of course, describes the first three post-Thanksgiving shopping days.) How about a NEW White-house game called, "WHICH ONE IS THE TURKEY?" (pictured below)

...anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving, if at all possible. Eat hearty!


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