Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Title, Same old Blog!
But I'm still pulling ideas out of thin air...

"Atmospheric Ruminations"...well, my Dad always did say that I have my "head in the clouds." So, I decided to take that observation to the extreme, and as such, for many years now, I've mentally operated in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Right now, this blog's pretty-much continuing "as is", although in the future, it will probably become less "area-specific" and more observational. And look at all the subject matter I have to choose from...the Doe-headed politicians, the cross-eyed Congress, all of the dumb news I read in the newspaper, and if I get tired of all of that stuff, I can always talk about music, TV, personal observations, or whatever. So anyway, if you got to this blog through a link, well, thanks for re-linking. And if you've stumbled onto this blog, well, hi to you, too.


One such dumb news item I read in the paper today also is rather tragic. A foreigner, who was an "illegal" in the U.S. recently murdered a lady neighbor of his; they lived in an apartment building, and she told him to quit making so much noise. So, he killed her, made the crime scene look like she committed suicide by hanging, but...he left a sneaker imprint in her bathtub! He was later asked why he did it...he said he'd hit her, knocked her out, so he ended her life. He was afraid that if she'd lived, she would've told on him, and he would've been kicked out of the country. Well, now, he's gonna get his wish...permanent U.S. Citizenship...behind bars, that is. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.


Anyway, I am, with this blog posting, halfway through my 10-part series of "Coeur d'Alene, 1906". I've been featuring, over the last few days, pages of an old article I found on the internet. You can scroll down thru my blog and find all of the other entries, print them out, and voila, you will be a historian. So anyway, here 'tis...

...interesting line at the end of the for suitable land on the CDA Indian Reservation could be valued as high as $15,000! After all, as the article says, "there's no bad land" there. I'd say, "the times, they changed a lot!"

This post was written on the day after the '06 elections, and guess what...controversial defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is outta a job. President Bush said he deliberately misled the press on this matter, because allegedly he didn't want to have it come up during an election. Yeah, rrrright. I guess Bush didn't want to appear weaker than he already is. And, a talking head on the TV news said that Rumsfeld's removal was in the works, and Rumsfeld was gonna lose his job anyway, had the election results been better, but ol' Rummy woulda hung onto his job longer. Let's see...deception and conjecture. Both elements are included in this paragraph, and both are integral parts of this pathetic Bush administration.

I think I'd better stop now...this blogspot site is trying to disconnect me. It's a conspiracy! I will not be muzzled! Free speech! ....mmmmgmmmph....!!!


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