Monday, November 27, 2006

Let's hear it for the La-Z-Boy...
...without it, the world would be a cruel place!!!

Ahhh, the La-Z-Boy. I managed to find a second-hand La-Z-Boy EZ chair (which also props up yer feet), and even though it looks kinda gamy, it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. Archie Bunker may have had his own chair (which I guess now is positioned in the Smithsonian), but this chair, well, it's ME. Unkempt but comfortable. Aaaaah. Well, I was watching Catherine Crier on Court TV tonite, and she said that a La-Z-Boy recliner actually saved a guy's life. He was vegging out in his La-Z-Boy, when his wife tried to shoot him in the head, but she was a bad shot and the headrest actually absorbed the impact of the bullet. The message here? If you don't have a La-Z-Boy, STAY SINGLE. But get a La-Z-Boy anyway.

So why am I posting this? No particular reason, except that I found another great photo to satirize, courtesy of And here it is...

...yeah, crass and in bad taste, I know. But at least, I'm consistent!

Watching football this year is a challenge. I got used to Monday Night Football being on ABC, after all. Well, this year it's on ESPN. Then, there's Sunday Night Football which USED to be on ESPN, only now, it's on NBC. That's hard to get used to, because my natural reaction is to dial in ABC for night-time football, and all of a sudden, I get confused; it's then I begin mashing my remote buttons until I remember it's on NBC. No wonder my remote's getting worn out. The volume button doesn't work that well anymore.

Anyway, I'm glad that Monday Night Football's still being broadcast. Former Quarterback Joe Theisman offers great color commentary, but what the heck is the smart-alecky and smarmy sportswriter Tony Kornheiser doing there? Seems like all he tries to do is make Theisman look bad. So, the main broadcaster (whose name escapes me) has to spend a lot of time refereeing things between Theisman and Kornheiser. Howard Cosell, I miss ya, buddy!

Anyway, Monday Night Football is on as I type this. Seattle taking on Green Bay. So I must ask the question, "what am I doing typing this?"


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