Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can you SWIM, Mr. Prezzident?
...quick! Someone toss him a LIFE RAFT!

Yesterday's elections weren't pretty, AT ALL. Many pundits are referring to this event as a sort of referendum on Prezzident Bush, the Republican Party, and most of all, the war in Iraq, which as of last nite, 42% of the American public DISAPPROVES of. No timetable. No real objective. "Defeat the terrorists" appears to be the goal, but terrorists are everywhere, as 9/11 proved. And the situation over there stands to be WORSE if we withdraw troops now, than if we had never gone there TO BEGIN WITH.

Republicans everywhere lost bids for election or re-election. His own party members, some of them anyway, didn't want their Prezzident to come out and campaign for them. George W. Bush campaigning for someone would be akin to having to "walk the plank" on an old pirate ship. Oh...speaking of ships...

...once again, provides me with foto fodder...

...I think his expression says it all here. I suppose he can take comfort in the fact that he doesn't actually have to LISTEN to anyone, since he's a lame duck. All the same, though, here, he looks like he wishes he were somewhere else. DOING anything else. Even walking the plank. Mr. Prezzident, step right up...

...yes, I've still got more "CDA 1906" articles to post, but right now I'm having too much fun with all this political stuff. And I'm not even a political person!


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