Monday, November 13, 2006

...a cyber-housecleaning of sorts here...
A bombardment of IMAGES...

I got a whole bunch of local images in my e-mail today. Feast or Famine! I've griped before about how sometimes I can't find any images of the area to post. Sometimes the internet seems to run dry, but also, there's going on 500 posts in this blog over the last year and many of those also had area images featured. So, whenever I get more images in my e-mail, chances are, I've already seen those and posted those. Indeed, I've posted photos of the localities pictured below, but these pix offer a different view. So hopefully I'm not being too redundant here...first, the photos, then the descriptions...

Here's another view of the Shady Rest restaurant and motel, located east of CDA. The Ebay guy who I swiped this photo from wrote all over it so no one could swipe it. I employed some cut-out photoshopping in the middle of the picture. The road in front of the "Shady" runs along the hillside, and the highway ran over the lagoon, which emptied into CDA lake. When you boated up to the "Shady", you'd go through a corrugated tunnel, under the freeway, to get there. I know, because Dad and I went fishing once and he had me steer the boat under the hiway. (It was a small boat. That must be why everyone tells me I'm getting a "little dinghy".)

This here is the Portal Motel, which actually burned down at its 15th and Sherman location a few years back. It has since been rebuilt. But this is an example of a place that was around for quite a while that is now but a memory. Keep your hats on, folks, and stay out of the harsh climate, for, from the looks of things, especially in the downtown, the "winds" of change will be blowing all around.

The pictures are doing all the work for me here, and I LUV it! Finally, here's a Templins' Restaurant postcard I haven't seen before, all divvied up into 4 parts. Back when Sherman Avenue was "Hi-way 10". And, as the card says, Lake Coeur d'Alene is beautiful. Let's hope that's something that WON'T change around here.

And finally, to close out this thing (it's about time, huh?), here's another installment of "CDA History, 1906", as presented in a ten-page article I found on the net which is now in my computer files. I think this is installment 7, I think. So click yer mouse on it and ye, too, shalt be informeth...

Something that perked up my consciousness a bit here, is that this installment writes about an early fatcat named "Wm. Dollar". I believe that's who "Dollar Street" in CDA is named after. You can get to Dollar Avenue by going to Mullan Avenue; if my memory serves me right, it sits somewhere between 12th and 14th Street. Most all north-south streets here are numbered. I wonder how much Mr. Dollar had to bribe the city council for a street with his name on it.

This was indeed installment #7 of this truly fantabulous CDA travel-log. There's more coming. In-between packing up and dealing with Real Estate people and their wishy-washy clientele, I'm sure I'll find more time to put stuff together. I wouldn't wanna let ya down, y'know...


Blogger Herb said...

When I used to charge down the east side of the lake to do my partying, I would go to the place above the fish Inn, (the fish was closed then, and the owner's sister in law and her son lived in it.

It was, in those days, Howdy's Hideaway. Later, the Fish reopened and I spent many hours recreating there.

Prior to that, the Green Dolphin Restaurant started up just south of the Wolf Lodge Creek Bridge. It was operated by the father, and I'm sorry I can't remeber his name right now, of the big dance hall at state line.
I remember the old shady rest after the state closed off the access, dooming it to failure.

Back in about '72, there were old docks everywhere, but the roof your picture shows wasn't there, and I remember the docks as being out in the center of that little bay.


10:13 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hi,, never heard of Howdy's, but I spent a lotta time in the Fish...I was in a band that used to play out there. And, a lot of people went to the Shady Rest, but those were the old days. It's amazing; I've spent my whole life around here and I'm still finding out new things.

7:28 PM  

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