Thursday, October 19, 2006

A case of "Fox"...out-"Foxing" itself?
...but only if Jeannie Zelasko stays home...

I've been watching the baseball playoffs, on the Fox network, of course, and a couple of things irritate me, concerning why the network does what it does...for instance, just before, and after the game, Jeannie Zelasko and Kevin Kennedy talk about the game, but they're in such a hurry to cram everything into a small time frame that they end up speaking faster than a 33 1/3 rpm speech record turned up to 78 rpm. Even then, Jeannie is cutting Kevin off half the time. You know, that's one of the reasons I quit watching the morning shows, such as Good Morning America, etc...there are so many different segments in those shows, and as the eye is always on the clock, the host of the segment ends up mercilessly hurrying the poor artist, painter, or chef through his or her presentation.

Another thing I don't understand...say, for example, the game ends at 8:48 pm. Normally, broadcasters in that situation would "fill" to the top of the hour, but no, not after the Playoffs on Fox! Jeannie and Kevin just kinda pneumatically blast their way through their post-game conclusions and analyzations. Why is it so important for Fox to get back into regular programming so soon? I think, if the game ends 10 or 15 minutes or more, before the top of the hour, that would give 'em time to put on a good, RATIONAL post-game presentation instead of attempting to speak faster than Speedy Gonzales runs, trying to get it all to fit into a 2-minute span. Not only that, who the hell is Jeannie Zelasko? What makes her qualified to comment on baseball? And who is Kevin Kennedy? A former ballplayer, I guess. Who probably wishes Jeannie were somewhere else, anywhere else.

I don't care about Fox's promos for its new shows during the game...there's a couple of shows they're advertising that I might end up watching. But I am having extreme difficulties with the "rap music" segments they present by rapper "Jay-Z". I just absolutely hate rap music. Rather than being a uniting force, as music should be, I really do firmly believe this urban punk-sounding street rap only serves to magnify the differences between the races. It is unmusical, harsh, in-yer-face type music that my musical psyche has absolutely no room for. So, between innings, when I see ol' Jay-Z screamin' his rap in everyone's face, well, that's what "mute" buttons on the remote are for.

So who's going to the World Series? I'll lay it on the line; nothing to lose. Nothing at all. After all, I'm not making any bets with anyone. Based on what I've seen, Detroit will win the whole thing, no matter if they play the Mets or the Cardinals. I'm writing this just before the start of Game 7 between those two teams, and it's anyone's guess who'll win tonight. Both teams are pretty thin in the pitching department. Oughta be interesting. After proofreading this post, I've decided to go ahead and commit on tonite's game. It's a tough call. I've watched a few of the previous playoff games between the Mets and Cardinals, and to me, both teams are fairly equal in both the pitching and hitting departments. No clear favorite. So, I think New York's home-field advantage will do the trick for the Mets. I'll check back in later and see how good my prognostication was...

Finally, since I tend to make mountains out of molehills, I decided to present the PHYSICS of BASEBALL. Pretty interesting stuff, actually...I hope it expands when you click on it...

...I've heard that 'if you don't screw up, you ain't doin' nothin'. Well, I was wrong. St. Louis won. A two-run homer in the top of the 9th, and they hung on to win. So it's the Tigers and Cards in the Series...hoo-boy, hang on...I still think Detroit will win it all. But, as was demonstrated tonite...I've been wrong before!


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