Wednesday, September 20, 2006

QUE SERA SERA...Whatever Will Be, Will Be...
(which is the title of Doris Day's 50's hit which waxes existential)

When you see people doing something dumb, you've probably asked yerself, "why'd they do that?", but it's useless to ask "why". In short, "Que sera sera...whatever will be, will be." Sometimes I think we human beings have a heavy price to pay for (allegedly) being the smartest creatures on the planet. After all, have you ever heard of an animal daydreaming, wasting time, planning to murder someone for the insurance money, or whatever? So, those of us who are not predisposed to live a life of crime, end up having time on our hands when the rigors of work, or any organized activity come to a standstill. In short, we have time on our hands. But, unlike an animal, the Human Being has to figure out what to DO with that time. And, as a result, "dumb stuff" just happens. Just look at any episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and you'll see what I mean. I absolutely CRINGE whenever someone gets hit in the crotch with something...that's worse than watching an episode of "Will and Grace". It's worse than trying to listen to Greta Van Susteren. It's even WORSE than hearing Michael Bolton SING!

There have been times when I am just totally amazed (or flabbergasted) by the things people do sometimes. But then again, it's hard to look away from a train wreck. I've never seen one, but through witnessing such things as demolition derbies, or pro wrestling, I'll see stuff like that, and I'm glad I decided to remain a spectator. I once saw a flat figure-8 race out at State Line Speedway, and it was more INSANE than the demolition derby! Here you have these cars, doing laps around the figure-8, but the "catch" is, you've gotta make it through the intersection where the ovals intersect! And you figure, the drivers all PAY for the chance to have their cars (and their bodies) end up in crumpled heaps that have to be carted away. There are the hang-gliding thrillseekers who risk life and limb, grasping onto a flimsy aluminum bar which is hooked to a piece of fabric. John Denver got "dumb" and piloted one of those home-assembled aircraft over the Pacific Ocean...he's now swimming with the fishes. Ironic, for a guy who warbled forth about a "Rocky Mountain High".

There are people who seek to achieve a place in the Guinness Book of Records by eating the most hot dogs, belching the loudest, sitting on a flagpole the longest, what have you. I myself was part of an attempt to get into the Guinness Book. I don't know if the event actually made it, but I had a good time anyway. Back in the late '90s, as part of the Fourth of July celebration at Riverfront Park in Spokane, "whoever it was" was trying to set a record for "The most guitarists ever to play LOUIE, LOUIE at one time." And I'll betcha there were at least a couple-hundred guitarists, of various skills, playing, "NA-NA-NA...NA-NA...NA-NA-NA...NA-NA..." So that was my attempt to be part of something that was unique. Why did I do it? Does ANYONE know why they do what they do, when they do something crazy? As a matter of fact, that might be a good question to ask the people wrestling around in the photo below...

This points the way towards an impending pumpkin shortage. Buy now for Halloween!

...after taking in this photo (and spending WAAAY too much time defacing it), I think I'll try something more seeing how loud I can belch. BRAAAAAAAAP!!!

Of course, what you're reading now could be in the Guinness Book as the "world's dumbest post"!


Anonymous Kick Shoe said...

Oh my! After reading how stupid humans are, I've decided to be a cat. I'd be a dog, but that's just not me. I think a cat will do. I'm just going to have to get past the food choices.


12:43 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hmmm, Cathy, can you just decide what you want to be in your next life? Is it that easy? Me, maybe I'll be a seagull so I can fly overhead and crap on people I don't like. SQUAWK!!!

3:19 PM  

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