Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From the SPECIFIC to the GENERAL...
Or, I can't know everything all of the time!

In the previous posting, I was able, with the aid of a photo, to determine exactly where Coeur d'Alene's old USO club was located. Pinpoint accuracy; a global-positioned-satellite couldn't have done any better. But...that ain't the way it is all the time, especially with the photo you'll see below...Paul Simon once sang (in the song, "Kodachrome"), that "everything looks worse in black and white, but this photo looks pretty durn good...

This is an old photo, taken by Leo's studio of Spokane. I've seen a bunch of other "Leo's" photos which were all taken in the late/40's, early/50's, so I'm pretty sure that's how old this picture is. And it's on Coeur d'Alene Lake, somewhere. Perhaps in the area near Tubbs Hill/Mullan field, where lumber smokestacks were long ago? (Note the smokestacks in the background. I think it's also safe to say this photo is pre-EPA!)

I think someone either had malice on their mind, or they got carried away with the ol' Barbecue; it looks like someone tried to set one of the picnic tables in CDA's City Park on fire; one of the table's benches is severely charred. I think the food is supposed to be hickory-smoke-flavored, not the furniture, for cryin' out loud.

Here's a new twist on the "don't tailgate me" messages that you see on so many bumperstickers...I saw one that said, "back off, or I'll flick a booger on your windshield." Okaaay, fine. That's never happened to my car; not that I know of, anyway, although from time to time, I can tell that birds have flown near my windshield.

The boys of summer are just about done for the summer. The Seattle Mariners have set a goal of trying to get to .500 (winning as many games as they lose); they've got about 15 games left in the season to accomplish that. They're about 8 games under .500 right now. They got shut-out for the 15th time this season in today's 10-0 loss to Toronto. Yet, how can a team play to win if all they're doing is auditioning up-and-coming young baseballers from the farm team (which is what always happens to the Mariners this time of year, 'cos they'll never again be in the postseason). That's what the M's are doing at this point. Yawn. I'll bet Ichiro wishes he was somewhere else, ANYWHERE else. I'll bet he has fond memories of being on winning teams in Japan. Next move? Ichiro in Yankee pinstripes. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

I came away recently with a much better idea of the devasting attack on the World Trade Center and the repercussions of the whole "9-11" thing; MSNBC rebroadcast "The Today Show" from 9-11-01, so I was able to get a "real-time" sense of what happening. How awful that whole scene was. Kinda makes me wish the U.S. had actively pursued Bin Laden instead of focusing on another country and another leader. How did that happen? I still don't know. Maybe Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction", but I Bin Laden and his Iranian ilk actually achieved that "mass destruction".

Oh, by the way, if you look at my little counter-thing at the left of this page, you'll see I now have over 13,000 views since roughly this time last year. 1,000 views per month? Sounds to me like a lotta folks out there are gluttons for punishment!


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"Leo" of "Leo's Studio" was Leo M. Oestreicher, a Spokane Valley and Couer d'Alene Lake photographer from the early 20's until the late 80's. He lived near Valhalla on the lake for about 3 decades.

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