Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An excursion into LITERARY MADNESS...
This post is an example of random-blogging-dementia.

Gimme a head of hair, long beautiful hair dept.: At ye olde local coffee shop today, I was talking to the young girl who rang up ye olde obligatory coffee and cookie. Her hair consists of "dreadlocks"...kinda like what some of the Rastafarian Reggae Musicians (Bob Marley, etc.) wore. The hair bunches itself together in long, coarse strands that are about as thick as your average rope. I asked her, since women seem to change their hairstyles a lot, what does she do when she wants to change hers? Her answer: She CAN'T change her style unless she shaves her head! In short, she can't untangle her hair. Hey, I'm trying to understand those younger than I, so give me credit. In a way, I know how she feels. My hair ties itself in knots all the time. I'll try to untangle it, and if I can't, I just rip out the knot. A thot comes to mind: Is this the physical manifestation of my Dad calling me a "knot-head" all those years? Quick Quiz: Who had a big hit with the song, "Hair"? And when was it a hit? Answers below in the italicized little ending-thing.

Oh, the shark, babe...has such teeth...dear dept.: I actually rented a movie the other day; it's a film Kevin Spacey stars in ("Beyond The Sea"); it's the story of Bobby Darin, the pop singer who tragically died at 37, due to a heart weakened by rheumatic fever. (pictured at left). Spacey did a doggone good job of singing, and moving on stage like Darin did. But the scriptwriters must have been on psychedelic drugs or something; the movie is full of fantasy-like dream sequences which, to me, dilute the subject of the movie, and if I hadn't read Darin's biography first, before seeing the movie, I wouldn't have had a clear picture of Darin's life. I wanted a more DIRECT portrayal of Darin overall. I have a really great DVD which shows Darin performing onstage about 8 months before he died in 1973. And he knew early on he wouldn't live long. He took to keeping an oxygen tank backstage, and he'd use it before, during, and after performances. So anyway, is this a movie review? Sounds like it, huh?

Jus' lookit them thar thangs a-poppin' outta the ground dept.: I'm pretty amazed at how fast construction on that tall building on the North side of Sherman between 6th and 7th is progressing. POP! Already, the back wall of that building is way up there. Which means that the view of the lake is already partially obscured, and when the mega-tall-humonguous-monolithic building across the street is built, well, we'll have to stretch our necks to see the lake. And, as U head west on Sherman, on the north side near 1st Street, what used to be "land" is now a pit; I guess that's where the new Chamber of Commerce is gonna be located. I'm kinda thinking that if there were NO Chambers of Commerce anywhere, no one would miss 'em. It doesn't seem like they do a lot, other than collect dues from participating merchants.

I must be some sort of a jinx dept.: How about this...I've watched Mariners baseball all season long, even right now as I type this. And the M's have a losing record. On the other side of the coin, I haven't watched Seahawks football AT ALL so far this year, and they're undefeated. Right now, Ichiro is up to bat, and I wonder what he must be thinking..."I can't wait to leave this bunch of LOSERS"...he'd implied in an interview a couple of years ago that he wasn't used to being on losing teams. Which reinforces my viewpoint that Seattle is where all good athletes (and coaches) go to die. Look at all of the former Mariners players who are doing better, elsewhere on other teams. Jamie Moyer's won a coupla games since he took off for Philly. Freddie Garcia is a feared, dominating pitcher for the White Sox. Even Jeff Cirillo's hitting on the team he plays for. Randy Johnson's a Yankee, and he'll probably get another World Series ring this year. But then you tell me, "how about the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl last year?" Easy...I didn't watch the Seahawks ALL SEASON LONG. That may be twisted logic, but it works for me!

And to think we pay their salaries dept.: President Bush has pretty much inferred that Colin Powell, the former Secretary of Whatever, was WRONG in his assessment of the Iraq War. Bush has said that "thinking is UNACCEPTABLE", if you're thinking that maybe the Iraq War is fruitless, and that in our own way, we might be as bad as they are. Oh, all of the talking heads have had fun with that quote, and probably will for weeks to come. Now the Pope has gone and made followers of Islam mad when he inferred that they have a violent religion. And those Islam extremists have vowed to cause severe damage to his Popeness if they aren't placated with a blanket apology. No violence THERE, rrrright? Meanwhile, there's probably a whole bunch of other obscure political stuff going on that we don't know about, so I've summed it up below in the photo:

I have once again defaced a www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/hbo photo. They probably really hate me by now.

By the way, you do remember that song, "Hair"? The Cowsills had a #1 hit with it in 1968. The lyrics were, in part..."I want it oily, greasy, powdered, flowered, spangled and SPAGHETTI!!! Oh say, can you see...my eyes...if you can, then my hair's too short..." Now, if I could just apply that logic to the top of my head!


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