Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sometimes I can get so mad at myself...
...WELL, AREN'T I???

You know what? I hate to LOSE things. I'll get my mind on something, and then all of a sudden, I'll lose track of what I was doing when something else pops up. I've lost jobs that way. Too many different things happening. I'd forget what I'd originally been doing. At dinner, I've never been the sort to eat some veggies, some meat, some potatoes, etc. I'd eat "all of one" before having "any of the other". And I still DO that! That used to make my folks so mad. In whatever I accomplish, I am single-minded to a fault. (Single-minded may not be all that far away from SIMPLE-minded...)

And then all of a sudden, I can't find my car keys, which I HAD JUST A MINUTE AGO!!! So I have to go thru the house picking up this and moving that until I've driven myself crazy, only to find my keys buried under something that was originally right in front of me. And, perhaps the night before, I've made myself a note, such as "PAY ELECTRIC BILL TOMORROW", the next day, I'll hurry out the door, on the way to get a money order and send the thing in...that's when I realize I FORGOT the stub of the bill I was supposed to be paying!

This has happened to me so many times that I've ended up forgetting things that I've forgotten! It's embarrassing...I've gone somewhere to eat; after I'm done and I rise to pay the check, OOPS, I've forgotten my wallet! So then I have to make a mad dash home, get my money (assuming I can find my wallet), and zip back to the restaurant to pay! So, when I see someone else who's forgotten something, well, I can feel their pain...

I stole this foto from before anyone there could catch me in order to muzzle me. MMPH!'s times like these that I think of that old Elvis Presley song..."I Forgot to Remember to Forget". See, he's singing about a ladyfriend who is no longer with him. He is trying to forget her. But because he still thinks of her, he's forgotten that he's not supposed to think of her; i.e. he forgot to remember to forget her. A quite convoluted love story there. Too much for me to handle.

This is probably one of those totally unnecessary posts that perhaps you'd like to FORGET that you ever read. I can't remember when I've typed something so forgettable!


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