Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Oh My...

I accept the fact that the Seattle Mariners have never been to the World Series. I accept the fact they may never get to go to one. The way the M's tend to get dominated and overpowered by stronger teams is disheartening, and for some strange reason, the Mariners have committed more baserunning errors this season than in seasons past, if my memory serves me well (which, much of the time doesn't happen). I also feel a strange sort of reassurance each springtime when Messrs. Niehaus and Rizz take the airwaves; they seem like a couple of old friends. Yeah, Rizzs can lay it on thick, but you've gotta admit, he knows his baseball! The man is a treasure trove of trivia. (Say that 5 times fast!)

Most of the time when it's nice outside, I'll be in the park with my handy-dandy little transistor radio, listening to the game, and watching everything going on around me. Well, today was one of those humid days, and for some reason, I just did not feel good. I didn't have any coffee today; could I be a Java Junkie? Well, it's strange, the way things work out. I went home early, and switched on the TV before languishing in my La-Z-Boy...I really haven't watched much baseball on TV this year; I hate staying inside when it's nice out after all. But today, well, I just thought it best to get myself out of society and just go home.

Those of you who've read the newspaper or have seen replays on the news, or saw the game, in part or in entireity, know the outcome of tonite's game; Richie Sexson crushed a 96-mile-an-hour fastball in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded and the score 1-1. It was a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN! Talk about true baseball theater! And it happened on one of the few nites I've watched baseball on TV. Strange how things work out. And I feel privileged to have seen that occur. Wow! My only criticism: The nickname the announcers have given Richie Sexson...they refer to him as "Sexsie"...perhaps some members of the female side of things might think so, but those announcers need to change that somehow. Please?

The "Picasa" program which sends photos to this blogsite has been re-worked, and it's pretty handy. I can post my photo on the typing page, and put everything together BEFORE it hits the internet. The old way necessitated that the 'photo-only' would appear on the internet, and then I'd have to go back in and write around that photo. The only hassle to all of this...I can't see it when I'm typing, but the little multi-colored "Picasa" logo is snuck in there at the end of each post. Then, when I've posted, I can go back into "edit" and take out the logo. Now that's a hassle. Before, I could take the logo out before my post hit the internet. Must be some sort of a corporate thing...but anyway, the Picasa logo 'should' be right here>>>>>> Posted by Picasa ...and so it was!


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