Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm no political animal, so I'll pose this question:
Can a Secretary of Defense be IMPEACHED?

I saw something in the paper today that made me hopping mad. Usually I don't care what politicians and government dweebs say, 'cos it's all "yadda yadda yadda" to me. But this little development really GOT me. It kinda made me think about what happened back in the '50s with the Joe McCarthy thing...where anyone who hadn't been perfect was suspected of being a other words, "if you're not TOTALLY with me, then you must be AGAINST me". That old argument has been the basis of a whole lotta propaganda over the years, and folks, it's happening again!!!

Out of the mouth of our not-so-illustrious Secretary of Defense, Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld (who manages to live up/down to his nickname quite well), he compared skeptics of this
pathetic admistration's pathetic war in that pathetic country of Iraq to those people who wanted to try and negotiate with Adolph Hitler back before World War II got underway. In short, Rummy's saying, "if ya ain't FOR US, yer AGIN US!"

Whoa, just a minute thar, pard'ner...if people way back when wanted to try and negotiate with der Fuhrer, it was because they wanted to try and AVOID war. "War", you know, those nasty prolonged events which end up killing thousands of people. And anyone who questions THIS war that we are in NOW, is only trying to avoid any more casualties OVER THERE. We are trying to force democracy down the throats of countries who don't want it, so by doing what we're doing, we're making things WORSE, I'm thinking. I don't think we'll ever WIN this war. The best we'll ever be able to do is fix up things as best as we can, and GIT OUT!

Rumsfeld, in a speech before the American Legion, suggested that "negative news stories and criticism of the war sap the nation's will to fight in Iraq", according to the news article I read today. Not so very long ago, we learned how really awful the Vietnam War was, due to so-called "negative news stories". What, do we let our country blindly conduct war and get soldiers killed, and just SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG? To me, that is what Rumsfeld is advocating. I don't know why we went to Iraq in the FIRST PLACE! What is the POINT of us BEING THERE? I just don't get it! Seems to me like ol' "Rummy" would just as soon stifle all debate, and that he'd just as soon not have this administration be accountable to the public AT ALL. This is dangerous, when you think about it.

I love our country. I love the fact we are free and we can express ourselves and have all these rights that a lot of countries don't give their people. I think it's really great. But I wonder, just because living in a "democracy" (note the quotes there) is great, does AMERICA have the right to go and invade any country it wants to, all in the name of shoving democracy down the throats of nations who don't conform to our idea of what they should BE? Where does this STOP? And, who's next? After all, there's lots of other countries around the world that terrorize their citizens. And, finally, how many people are gonna have to DIE in our efforts to change things around the world, especially since, when we LEAVE a particular country, chances are that country will revert back to what it was before we got there?

So I have written this post, which decries the actions my country is taking. Does that mean that I would be eligible to die in the "showers" at Auschwitz because I happen to DISAGREE with what MY COUNTRY is doing? Clearly, Donald Rumsfeld is an overt EMBARRASSMENT to our country. The only good he does by saying such incomprehensibly STUPID things, is that perhaps he takes the heat offa our Prezzident, to a degree. On the left side of this page, you'll see a 'countdown clock' which tells ya how long this pathetic administration will be bumbling and stumbling along. Each second that ticks by is "one second less". Let's hope that the NEXT administration will have more SENSE. It's much too late for THIS administration.

Yes, I know Rummy didn't actually say "anyone who disagrees with our war policy is a Nazi"...but to me, he might as well have. Personally, I don't think this administration has a CLUE. Not at ALL.


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