Friday, July 14, 2006

Two unique perspectives on the Presidency...
...or, a couple of egregious examples of the slippery slope of photo satire...

The President (whoever the President has been at various times throughout history) has always been a subject of mockery, and political cartoonists have always had a field day with the image of the Chief Executive. Now, I can draw a little bit, but I'm nowhere as good as the political cartoonists who are soooo talented. This is where the world of photo-satire comes in. I used to draw little "thought" and "speech" balloons on pictures in the paper, and have all kinds of people saying absolutely wacky things. So, I guess I had some practice at this before I ever even thought computers could do this kind of stuff.

There was a photo in "Huckleberries Online" of President Bush, who, with a really weird expression on his face, was handing a crying baby back to its mother, and it was hard to tell who was more ill-at-ease, Mr. Bush or the Kid. Whatever the case, it was literally a photo-satire field day for yours truly...

Now, I thought that one was really good, if I do say so myself. You would think that after such a masterpiece, I'd have the good sense to quit while I was ahead. But, no. Actually, I thought of the idea for the above photo, while putting together the photo BELOW. To all of those who view the photo below, No, I am not taking any kind of psychedelic chemicals. I don't think so, anyway. Maybe it's some sort of prescription interaction? Anyway, another masterpiece:

Father, forgive me, for knows not what I do...

My third idea (which remains mercifully unrealized) was to put Mr. Bush's head on the baby, and the baby's head on Mr. Bush, with the caption, "maybe 'child' IS Father to the man." A thoughtful quote, perhaps, but not ridiculous enough for use in this wacky blog. So there ya have it. I am hoping both of these photos fall short of the definition of treason.

Another newer post lurks below. Amazing, some days I have no ideas or resourcefulness AT ALL, and then all of a sudden, Wham, Bam, shang-a-lang! And bunches of stuff like this post appear. Am I having too much fun?


Anonymous Kick Shoe said...

So have the treason police shown up yet? I hope not. But then, it is Sunday, and you wrote this on Friday. I'm worried, Dave. Really worried.

I suppose I'll have to visit you in prison. Damn treason police.


5:56 PM  
Blogger animadvert said...

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Negative external ventilation is a wee bit esoteric but quite effective. There are a number of disease processes that it actually works better in the the more typical approaches. Take severe thoracic scoliosis (chest spine curvature). Using positive pressure results in blood being pushed away from ventilated lung areas to areas poorly ventilated for poor gas exchange. Negative pressure is natural and brings blood togather with air for the best match possible while doing the work of breathing for the patient. Fun stuff. I could talk about it for hours (and have on occasion).

9:43 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Cathy, the treason police did interrogate me, and left me with a warning, but not a ticket. They'd better look out, though, because someday I'll do a photo-spoof of THEM! And since they're cops, of course DONUTS will be included in said spoof. Just the facts...just the facts.

Animadvert, HUH??? I think you mistakenly sent this to mah blog. I have never mentioned iron lungs in my blog. I don't think I'd want iron lungs. They might rust out.

10:47 PM  
Blogger animadvert said...

Dave, Dave , Dave.... Your blog features an "article of the day". On this day it was about Iron Lungs and thus my posting. I assumed you might have had some decision in choosing the "article of the day" since it is you blog. Apparently it is a random service. Excuse my naivete.

9:39 AM  

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