Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat...
...and a whole lot of unremarkable stuff in-between...

What a thrilling thing it is, when whatever team you're partial to wins the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Championship or the Stanley Cup. Although, if you root for pro basketball or hockey teams, I think you should seek counseling. I think those sports have deteriorated over the years. I have turned into quite the baseball fan; it all began when the radio station I worked for carried Seattle Mariners' games, and I got to run the board (in other words, make sure the thing actually AIRED without too many glitches).

There would always be a TV around the studios, so I'd watch the video, listen to the station's audio, and just have a grand old time. Imagine that...getting paid to watch baseball! But, in between the high points of victory and the bottomless abyss of defeat, there's the everyday stuff in sports; unremarkable, but part of the game anyway. Such as the instance below... had no idea I'd deface this picture so severely...

Mark McGwire said he didn't think steroids made him any better. He said that a player still had to be able to hit the ball. In short, all the steroids in the world would never help me in anything, 'cos I'm such a klutz. I've had steroids shot into my lower back, but I'm not sitting any better, after all. Best, I guess, to just enjoy sports for the disguised soap opera it is.

My baseball career: 3 seasons in a kids' recreation league. I had 3 hits, TOTAL, in 3 seasons. But I wasn't a total screwup; at least I held the bat by the correct end, so at least I looked halfway good. I think.


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