Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some people get all the good jobs...
...while most everyone else just takes whatever they can get!

There are great jobs out there. Trouble is, there are a lot more people looking for those great jobs, than there are great jobs. How about "limousine driver" for a rich client who tips you well in addition to paying a high-falootin' limousine drivers' salary? I always thought a good job would be "car delivery person", where you drive a car across the nation to deliver it to the person who bought it. See the country, and get paid for it! How about being a high-paid corporate go-fer? I always thought a great job would be "professional customer". I have lots of experience, you know. But there's already such a thing as a "secret shopper" and those who work behind checkstands are scared to death of 'em. You never know who's watching! So I wouldn't want a job that makes others paranoid. But there are great jobs out there. I'm sure you can think of a few more ideal occupations. Well, some job applicants have all the luck...

This piece of obvious CHEESECAKE was served up by

...I think this would be a GREAT JOB. But, alas, it's not for me. I'd probably have a HEART ATTACK if I traded places with that guy. You know, "too much of a good thing" and all that.

A Sign of the Times dept.: I was driving down on Lakeshore Drive the other day, and I approached the "12th Street Entrance", which the public can easily utilize in order to access the beach. Trouble is, once you head towards the lake, where do you go? It's best that you bring an altimeter with you. A sign at that 12th Street Entrance says, "Sanders' Beach Public Access BELOW 2,130 FEET." You'll need that little gadget in order to make sure you're legal. Just a thot: Maybe the Post Falls Dam oughta let water out a little faster. Then there'd be more of Sanders' Beach for the public to enjoy!

Is it any wonder I tune out dept.: There's so much crap in the news; the Korea Missile thing, the Iraq situation, the (potential) Iran situation, and now Israel attacking Lebanon. I'm so sick of war. So the unusual news stories catch my attention. For example: (I heard this item on the 11pm teevee news tonite:) A lady in a town near Portland, Oregon called 9-1-1, and a couple of officers showed up and took care of the matter. But, she evidently was really attracted to one of the cops. So she called 9-1-1 AGAIN and asked them to send the "cute cop" back to her house. He showed up and promptly arrested her for making an unnecessary 9-1-1 call. Hmmm...I bet she doesn't like him so much now.

It's a little more than the water dept.: Remember Olympia Beer? (Is it still brewed? I don't know!) Anyway, the longtime slogan of that beer was, "It's The Water". And remember the Hamms' Beer slogan..."from the land of sky blue waters"? I don't know if Hamms is brewed anymore, either. I'm so out of it. I remember when I worked as a boxboy (grocery clerk) in the '70s, when people would flock across the state line from Washington to buy Coors Beer, because it wasn't available in the Evergreen state. Something about the level of alcohol content, I think. I was reminded of all that when I heard the following story on radio news today: Pete Coors, the guy who appears in all of those Coors Beer commercials, who urges everyone to enjoy Coors responsibly, went to court on a drunk driving charge today. He'd had a little too much to drink at a wedding reception last spring. To put that in perspective, charging Mr. Coors for drunk driving would be like Richard Simmons overeating and gaining 100 pounds.

This blog was typed at my leisure. Since I've stopped SEARCHING for blog material, it just sorta comes to me. A case of true sadistic serendipity.


Anonymous STDASH said...

Both Hamm's and Olympia are still available from what I could gather from research on the web. Olympia was bought out by Pabst and the brewing moved to Texas of all places...Pabst was later bought out by Stroh's and then Miller. So it's now "not the water" of Washington state being used in the brewing process apparently.

Interestingly enough, Hamm's was aquired by Olympia before the takeover by Pabst. It is available in a limited number of areas in North America according to Wikipedia.

Never could stand the taste of Coor's...

12:17 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Thanks for the info, Dash...I didn't think I'd seen Oly or Hamms on the shelves for a while. I never liked Coors' either; when I drank, I was more of a Bud man; Bud in the tall longnecks. And for some reason I liked Heidelberg tap beer. I thot "Killians' Red" (made by Coors!) on tap was just grrrreat. I also drank Miller, but it would start tasting like soap suds after a while. I don't drink anymore. I can actually get a buzz off non-alcoholic beer (which actually does has a bit o'alcohol).

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Side Note said...

Yes, Oly is still available but the original Olympia brewery was shut down a few years ago. I was there when the final whistle was sounded over the brewery, and even got a chance to be one of the final people to pull the whistle.

6:08 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

In the immortal words of Tom T. Hall:

"I like makes me a jolly good fellow."

Well, it USED TO, anyway.

11:21 PM  

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