Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Taxing situation indeed...
...truly an image for our times...

In the last set of local elections we had, the issue of property taxes came to the forefront. Taxes in this area have increased faster than bacteria in a restaurant's dumpster. (not a pretty picture) Some longtime residents who built their homes long ago are running the risk of not being able to pay taxes on their homes. They run the risk of losing their homes, and it's not their fault. It all has to do with one word: Speculation. Real estate values are rising because everyone and their dogs (and their litters) wants to live up here.

In the last election, a couple of county commissioners ended up lame ducks, in part, because of rising taxes. Will tax burdens be shifted from residential property owners to other entities, at least in part? It's an idea that's being worked on now, but who knows what is actually gonna happen. Or will this be a forgotten topic, swept under the rug, now that the elections are over? I saw an image today that kinda put the whole tax situation into proper perspective for me. It essentially takes a complicated premise and sorta boils it down to the lowest common denominator...

This photo was wrestled away from the carnivores at

That's one hungry old beast. Let's hope he hibernates soon.


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