Thursday, May 18, 2006

A "short and sweet" 'WAYBACK' posting...

A new version of an old view...
Fourth and Sherman from a slightly different angle...

I posted a photo earlier, which is much like the photo you'll see below. Only, that photo was taken from a slightly different angle. Here, whoever took this photo did so at the risk of life and limb, because it was obviously taken in the middle of South 4th Street...

Again, you can see Wilson's pharmacy/corner store (!) off to the right. If you look to the left, you'll see the "Hart Drugs" sign which was on the outside of the building which is now Java on Sherman. This photo was taken in 1943. I don't care about taking a rocket ship to the Moon, but wouldn't it be cool to "time travel" just a little bit? I'd try to bring one of those old vehicles back with me.

Wilson's and Hart Drug were two of the older businesses here in town; both were in their respective locations from way-way-back-there up until the 1980s. After that, a LOT of the downtown business district changed. But, businesses like Wilson's and Hart Drug actually gave CDA residents a REASON to come downtown. Other than sampling the world's best peanut butter cookies at Java on Sherman, I hardly ever spend money downtown.

Oh yeah, another observation...back then, "Hart Drug" and "Wilson's Pharmacy" were considered to be big buildings. As soon as the hi-rises in the downtown get completed, those old buildings will be dwarfed. CDA...forever paying the price of progress, I suppose.

Well, the Seattle Mariners got swept as the Oakland A's took out the brooms and cleaned house. 'Twas an afternoon game, which shows the M's are consistent. They can lose, night OR day!


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