Thursday, May 18, 2006

The "LOST WINGNUTS" files...
I thot I'd lost this forever!
I accidentally deleted this image last nite after working on it for hours!

The fine art of image manipulation can be quite taxing. You make a "cutout" of the image you want to move. Then you move the image to a new location. The original image is still where it was, so you have to "rub it out" with your "freehand-painting" option, etc. etc., yadda yadda yadda. Then adding text and "thought balloons" can be a fairly complicated process, too. Long about midnight last night, I was working on the image you'll see below. Getting tired (and losing my patience), I accidentally deleted (or so I thot) the image I was working on. But, when I signed on today, there it was in my files. So I took it and simplified my approach a bit...

The only thing I'd add at this point would be the "referee wingnut" saying, "Now, behave, boys", but right now, I'm feeling too lazy. But, there it is!


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