Friday, April 21, 2006

Things are getting INTERESTING now...
I don't care about politics; I wanna know, who's in TROUBLE?

Rumors are going around the circuit that this is a time of "transition" for the current administration. So far, a White House Chief of Staff, and the Press Secretary, have both announced that they're going to leave the shrouded secrecy surrounding Prezzident Bush.

So, it's fun to speculate, "Who's Next"? The rumors are swirling. Actually, Prezzident Bush is made for times like these, because the ever-present non-expression he always wears conceals (almost) the fact that those around him are about as secure in their jobs as Barry Bonds' steroid supplier.

In the Nixon administration, the famous question during Watergate was, "what did he know, and when did he know it?" In the current Bush administration is, "does he know anything, and if not, when will he become aware?" With that in mind, I present the following photo-satire:

A blogger at posted this photo, although how it got defaced is a mystery to me. I plead ignorance.


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