Monday, April 24, 2006

Getting with the (political) program...
I'll betcha BILL GATES wishes he'd invented this! He'd rake in the dough!

Well, never mind. Bill Gates ALREADY rakes in the dough, so I'm not about to help him out, unless it's to count his money, but only if he pays me for doing that. Hey, ya can't give it away in this world, after all...right?

Those who are keeping watch over the developments in Washington, D.C., are seeing a certain amount of upheaval going on. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan recently jumped off the Titanic into the frozen water, where he has MORE chance of long-term survival. The White House Chief of Staff recently resigned; he's so faceless that I can't remember his name. Of course, Mafia look-alike lobbyist Jack Abramhoff has been sentenced for all kinds of mean, nasty, ugly things. I need to go wash my hands after TYPING about these guys!

Secretary of War, Pillage and Plunder Donald Rumsfeld is currently being touted as being someone no one wants to be within a thousand miles of, even though Prezzident Bush is "Standing By His Man." Come to think of it, no one wants to be within a thousand miles of Bush, either. It's only fitting that while reading today's paper, I saw a picture of Prezzident Bush and California Gub'nor Arnold Schwarzenegger together. If people keep leaving government service, THOSE TWO, with a combined I.Q. slightly lower than the number of games the Seattle Mariners will win this year, will be running things. LOOK OUT!!!

And now I've found out, that in the grand manner of master leaker "Scooter" Libby (I'm still not quite sure what his government function was), it's possible that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice might have eminated some sensitive info! Condee? That bastion of tough-mindedness who can flash her teeth and scare off a rabid pit bull? It's gonna be interesting watching the dominos fall.

But for all you OTHER politically-inclined public servants who hide behind a shroud of secrecy, so that we the taxpayers will never know exactly what your function is, or remain unaware of your existence altogether, YOU NEED to PROTECT YOURSELVES. With that, let me unveil my latest program which will protect YOU, no matter WHAT you are thinking about doing or saying!

Politicians and government officials, place your order now! I understand these things are gonna sell like hotcakes!

I slept in, getting up in the early afternoon on Sunday. Turns out the Seattle Mariners' game (against Detroit) was already in progress. I listened for a little bit on the radio, then got up & dressed, and switched the TV on and proceeded to watch the game. The M's were behind 1-0 midway thru the game. The starting pitcher left, in came M's relief pitcher Clint Nageotte, the Tigers hit a 3 run homer off him, and the M's fell further behind. Realizing I'd seen all I need to see, I switched off the tube and went out for fresh air. It's gonna be a long, Long, LONG season.


Blogger Sage said...

Great line of the combo of the IQ's of Arnold and G DubYa!!!! Hafta remember that.

7:22 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

It took me AGES to put that graphic together. A lot of cut and paste and all kinds of subversive image manipulation. Yee haw!

10:36 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Sage...glad you liked it. Sadly, I had to pick a fairly dismal team. Hence, my M's. go. fight. win. yaay team. blahhhh...........

10:44 PM  

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