Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gas Pump Sticker Shock???
...soon, it'll be the latest American neurotic phenomenon!

I was listening to a news correspondent today, and she was explaining some of the reasons gas prices are zooming ever-upward into the stratosphere; of course, there were the standard reasons such as, "it's peak season, everyone's traveling more"; "hurricane Katrina made our oil reserves less accessible", and even though SHAMELESS CORPORATE GREED was NOT one of the reasons for escalating gas prices, I heard a NEW reason for having to take out down payments for a tank of gas...I can see it now, people going to "auto-title-loans" places, mortgaging their cars so they can buy GAS to get around! Anyway, more "ethanol" gas is being produced than before, and it is a time-consuming (and material-consuming) process. Something about more raw materials, in larger quantities, needed in order to produce today's energy-efficient, cleaner-burning fuels. (I sound like I work for EXXON, don't I?)

Anyway, I bought gas last week for $2.49. This week, I saw a local TRUCK STOP's gas prices (aren't they supposed to be the lowest-priced fuel vendors?), and their marquee' read $2.60-something a gallon. I heard one station in the New Yawk area was selling it for upwards of four bucks a gallon. Ack! So what's gonna be my strategy next time I get gas? Will it come to the point where I consciously try NOT to look at the per-gallon price as I approach the pump? Will I have to blindfold myself so I can't see the dollars-and-cents racing by at ever-faster speeds as the fuel courses its way from pump to gas tank? Will I leave the gas station missing an arm and a leg (or both)?

We have a new city bus line that provides FREE transportation around town, and who knows, I may be their next newest rider. People nationwide will leave for vacations, and if prices keep rising like they have been, when they get to their destination, they'll just have to turn around and come back home because they spent so much money for gas, they'll have none left over for lodging or meals. Proudly marching backwards, this is America. Yaay. Whoopee. Back to horse n'buggies before ya's know it. Cartoons such as the following little masterpiece are indicative of these weird times in which we live in...(Hey, if Paul McCartney can write like that, so can I...)

I have read that there is going to be a design modification for all new cars coming out of Detroit (if indeed Detroit is making cars at ALL this time next year). It has to do with the speedometer design. In its desire to try and conserve more and more fuel, so we can fill up bomber, helicopter and tank "tanks" with gas, a cost-effective-ratio-implemented speedometer will be installed on all cars to be made in the future (assuming we have any kind of future), and it will look something like this:


Still trying to figure out my Paul McCartney comment? In the song "Live and Let Die", one of the lyric lines is, "in this ever-changing world in which we live IN." In closing, one of my erstwhile faithful commenters provided me with the above gas'toons. I've got more of em. I'll save 'em for another night in which I have no original thots I can call my own. Like tonite...


Blogger Sage said...

I'm cycling into a low over all this fuel shit!! Its a combination of Cheney, Bush, Oil Companies, refiners, producers, transporters, and now the f**king Ameican Farmers sticking it to us. There is nary a thing any of us can do and they all know it as they line their pockets, robes, walls, ceilings, banks, homes, roads, and anything else they can line.
In all seriously I do believe that Anarchy wil become a serious ultimatum with the younger folks in the WORLD. The signs are showing up al over the internet, demonstrations (50-70's) style are becoming rigeur overseas. Watch my Blog in the next few day as the radical in me is about to rise again.

1:45 AM  
Blogger Scan said...

Now then Dave! Couldn't help but comment on your 'gas' post. Sit back and enjoy your car and gas mate. Over here in Blighty the petrol price where I live is £0.99 per litre (1.76 dollars) and £4.45 per gallon (7.90 dollars). But being English we just put up with it ;-)
And I'm with sage, I'm all for anrachy...well liberal anarchy if there's such a thing. Socialism, capitalism, fascism (which we have over here in England) and totalitarianism just don't work. Our peoples must get back control of our own lives, and the powers that be are too good at what they do for civil diplomacy to be effective.
Oops..I think that was nearly a rant...*chuckle*

4:17 AM  
Blogger Scan said...

I'm also for anarchy too (damn typing errors)

4:19 AM  
Blogger stebbijo said...

Gas is outrageous! And, in my old beater van, it costs me at least 5 -7 bucks a day just to cruise locally for a job -- like to just Post Falls and back. I'm done. We will never be able to afford to work over the border at this rate.

A read a while ago where the gov of Idaho bought himself a new suburban that runs on ethanol(potato fuel) and he gets 100 miles to the gallon --

I would like to sick a few spuds somehere! ;-)

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Kick Shoe said...

Gas in Ephrata is in the 2.70+ range. I think we need to invest in electric cars that run on solar power. It's the only way. Yoda!

6:12 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Mr. Sage, I've been around long enough to see revolt, being the semi-historical artifact that I am. Is it better to protest, or find ways to cope with whatever is thrown at us? That's not meant to imply that we should "accept" everything, but sometimes militant protesting doesn't really get a whole lot done. Work with what you have at the present, plan for and dream of the future...militant change can't change everything, and sometimes the more militant the protest, the slower change comes.

Mr. Scanner, now that our farmers have their fingers in the fuel pie, what with crop-based Ethanol gas, plus all the other things going on around the world, I think we'll be catching up to you Brits in terms of gas prices one fine day. (well, not so "fine")...thing is, you can drive around the entire isle of England on two tanks of gas. Where do you guys GO???

Stebbi, being the pathological blog-woman that you are, I guess you can be thankful the interenet isn't GAS-powered!

Cathy, yer in Ephrata? You'll have to mortgage your house in order to drive to Spokane! oday!

11:45 PM  

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