Friday, April 28, 2006

A FIRST for "Thin Air"...this blog has INTERCEPTED a

The wide wonderful world of politics...everyone jockeying for position. Who's gonna step down next? Who's gonna fill his/her shoes? What's the next scandal gonna be? Who's gonna screw up next, and how is the new Press Secretary, Tony Snow, gonna gloss things over? And will he fail miserably, as did Scott McClellan? To be fair, though, Billy Graham himself couldn't make this administration look good.

Everyone in Washington is living for the present, but it is undeniable that they're all planning for the future. Those close to the President don't want to be seen as rats jumping off the ship; it's best to stay the course and be seen as a person of commitment and fortitude. But...they're thinking ahead; they're ALL thinking ahead. And Condee Rice, the Secretary of State, is among those quietly planning their future...

Strangely, in a way, I kinda like Condee. She seems to have some BRAINS and personality, two things which are sorely lacking in this lame-duck-for-two-terms-adminstration. I know one thing for sure...I'd hate to get on her BAD side...she probably eats piranhas for breakfast. Eats 'em ALIVE, in fact. Ack! (gulp)


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