Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quite a nice day for a STROLL...
...Although, strolling ain't quite as easy as it used to be.

If you scroll down thru this blogsite, a few posts below this one, I put in a faux picture of a tombstone announcing the demise of Old Man Winter on March 15th, and that date might be more accurate than I realize; the last couple of days have been fairly warm and dry; it's almost "guitar-playing-in-the-park" weather. That's saying a lot, because it's no fun to play guitar on a cold day. The fingers freeze!

A nice little improvement in City Park involves the installation of a walkway/roadway between the Museum parking lot and the east side of the park. I have trouble with just about any kind of hill when I try to walk (doggone back problems), so this walkway makes things a lot easier. Also, at the north end of the Museum parking lot, on the "high stump" of a tree that was cut down, someone installed a "mobile"-type thing that features artificial black crows being blown around in circles by the wind. And I'll bet that was LOTS cheaper than the oversize seagull feathers up on N.W. Blvd!

Just for the "record" dept.: A new little record shop that I've mentioned a few times in this blog has basically had to fold up operations; the overhead became too much for the owner to handle, and the location of the building wasn't the best either. Mt. Olympus records, located in the mall across North 4th Street, across from Taco John's, is no longer a going concern; the owner is moving his operation to Spokane, where he'll combine forces with a friend of his who sells records over there.

It's a shame, really, for Mt. Olympus records specialized in out-of-the-way, hard-to-find music that neither The Long Ear or Hastings Music carries. And, a lot of the obscure stuff I bought at Mt. Olympus records couldn't even be special-ordered. I'd say about half of my record collection consists of music that no one around here is familiar with, and a lot of that music is as good or better than some of the more well-known stuff.

Stepping back in time, only not so far back dept.: In the post below this one, I went all the way back to 1907 when I posted an old photo of Coeur d'Alene High School. Well, that's all fine and dandy, and I wish I knew more about the old days. But here, we'll move up a few decades, and go back to "somewhere in the 1940's", or possibly "early 50's".

I've previously posted similar photos of the old Templins' restaurant, located at 1st and Sherman, near where Independence Point is now, only this photo has some writing at the bottom, which sorta 'validates' it, and, get a load of those old auto's!

That's all I've got this time around. I stayed up waaaay too late last night/this morning (check out the posting times on the previous two postings), and my normally overflowing-with-goofiness consciousness is stuck in neutral. The way I look at is, ANYONE can do stuff when they feel like doing it. The true PRO does the stuff when it's next to impossible to do it! This post is a good example. Grind, Grind, GRIND.


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