Thursday, March 30, 2006

I won't say she's ALL WASHED UP...

This is probably the shallowest post I'll ever write. It has no lasting importance, it has nothing like any kind of style or substance; in fact, it's quite shameless in an especially annoying way. Which is how one could describe the subject of this post, BRITNEY SPEARS. I think of her as being "not as good as Madonna", and MADONNA COULDN'T SING, EITHER!

I know Ms. Spears' teenybopper mug has been splattered all over the print and broadcast media. I know she's had hit songs, although I can't remember a single one of the titles. The only time she sounds halfway decent is when there's a lot of background singers to cover her voice. And, worst of all, she's beginning to age. She's having babies. World, WATCH OUT!!!

I think this is probably the most low-down thing I've ever posted. It reminds me of that "Planet of the Apes" movie, where at the end, the little monkey baby screams out, "Ma-Maaaaaaa!"


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