Saturday, March 25, 2006

I 'spose you could call this a DEFAULT POST...
...and, I thot long and hard before posting this. Actually, no I didn't.

The weekend is here, and as you can see, I've posted this rather late (3 in the morning, for crying out loud!). I think the main objective here is to post something. Anything at all. Something that actually makes sense. Or not. See what I mean? I could ramble on like this forever, as I've done many of times. But that wouldn't accomplish anything other than taking up space. So I'm successful in one regard, anyway. Basically I'm posting something NOW, so I have at least one "Saturday" post. Okay, how much have I written now?

I did watch the DVD of the movie "Capote" tonight, and it's fascinating in a really morbid way. In the movie, "Capote" (the actor who plays him is dead-on!), is doing research for his final novel, "In Cold Blood", and part of that research involves "Capote" talking with one of the "murderers" he later wrote about in his book. Don't think I'd wanna live in Kansas! It's flatter than me when I try to sing! Ever seen a road map of Western Kansas? Virtually all the highways are represented by STRAIGHT LINES! Sorta like driving to Moses Lake!

Anyway, that's all I have this time around, other than posting the really idiotic photo satire I've included below. Although, in times like these, maybe it's closer to the truth than I know!

You can blame for supplying me with this photo. We've been talking a lot about "traffic stings" this year, which raise ooodles and gobs of money. Protect and serve! Oh...and rake in the bucks, too. Yaaaay. Blahhhh....


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