Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another GRAY DAY in CDA...
It's days like this that just make me wanna hibernate!

I think the proper term is "cocooning". It's where you don't want to leave your safe place, because once you close the front door and head out into the world, adversity awaits. Today's adversity is RAIN. Blahhhhh. It's amazing how a rainy day can turn an otherwise colorful area into something resembling an old black-and-white photograph. Blahhhhh. Everything is gray. This is the kind of day that DUCKS hide from. Quaaaaack!

"I can show you, that when it starts to rain...everythings the same...I can show you", sang John Lennon in the song "Rain" (which was the 'b-side' of 'Paperback Writer'), and I think he pretty well nailed it. Anyway, on daze like this, I'm sure glad there's such a thing as color TV. Let's see, I've got my vanilla wafers, green grapes, a quart of milk and a blank videotape so I can record a James Bond movie tonite. So I'm set. Yep, that's me, "Mr. Excitement"!

Anyway, I found a great old black and white photograph, and it's DATED on the PHOTO, and I think it's a real treasure...

Here we are, high on a Tubbs Hill bluff with John and Frank, a couple of good 'ol boys out for a nature hike. I've been at this spot, and it's amazing how far you can see from there. If you look northward, you can see almost all the way out to Athol. At upper right, you can see the old Coeur d'Alene Hotel, which later became the Desert Hotel. Long, long ago, for sure.


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