Monday, February 20, 2006

...NO, I haven't lost my mind...bear with me here...

Gonzaga University in nearby Spokane, Washington, has become quite the national basketball power over the last few years. How about that; something from around here actually MEANING SOMETHING in terms of nationwide relevance.

So what do the people seem to be seizing upon? In spite of all the positive press the Gonzaga Bulldogs seem to generate, one thing is causing mass speculation; it is the subject of debates and analyzation, with some wondering if it's 'politically correct' or not.

Of course, dear reader, what I'm talking about is Gonzaga star Adam Morrison's feeble attempt at a moustache. Everyone's pointing at it; commenting, ridiculing, satirizing. Are we that stupid, to seize on such a trivial thing? I must ask, WHAT IS GOING ON?

But, since I don't have any clear answers, I'll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon...I might as well take a cheap shot too...

Disgusting, huh? You're right; I know no shame. Another, more informative new post lurks under this one. I think I'll go have my head examined now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent you a Valentine's card.
You haven't emailed for a long time.
I hope I did not hurt you somehow.
Are people enjoying your "Blogs"
Anyway, I hope you are okay....

10:24 PM  

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