Friday, February 17, 2006

What grows UP...must come down...
...or, a couple more trees bite the dust in City Park!

I read today that two diseased trees got chopped down recently in CDA's City Park. Me being an old softie, I hate to see trees come down. Still, it's better than having one fall on you, I guess. Not a good thing to happen during a picnic! A large limb actually fell off an old tree back in the late '80s, injuring a picknicker in the Park. I'm surprised the bicycle cops didn't ride over and issue the tree a ticket for littering! But, I'm sure we'll all have tons and tons of Park Shade to enjoy; I'm just waiting for when it gets warm enough to spend some serious time down there. And the picture I've included here shows people doing that, only in a different age:

The trees that came down today were over 100 years old; maybe those trees were mere saplings in THIS picture, taken sometime in the early 1900's. This was from the time when City Park was known as Blackwell Park. I suppose get-togethers weren't all that different back then, but fashions sure have changed! No THONGS, for sure.

I think I'd rather have a beagle dept.: I can't remember if this was in Spokane or Coeur d'Alene, but I read a news item about a lady who was almost eaten alive by four Rottweiler-Chow dogs that she kept in her yard. Yep, not only do those barracudas with legs attack strangers, they turn on their owners, too. I usually try to stay away from a dog with a jawbone big enough to bite thru a coconut. Charlie Brown had the right idea: He had a beagle.

I'm sure glad to know how my $$$ is spent dept.: I am so comforted to know that part of my humble payment to AVISTA Utilities each month goes to fatten the wallet of its CEO; he gets over 2 and a half million dollars a year in salary, bonuses and stock grants (translation: Money, Money, and More Money). We should all pay our bills with supreme dedication, because we sure wouldn't want him to fall off the Forbes most-rich-list; what kind of legacy for us taxpayers would that be? Do your duty. Make the fat cats fatter. Meow.

So, how is this gonna affect our state? dept.: In Washington State, taxpayers shelled out 12 million dollars last year so that Wal-Mart employees could collect Medicaid benefits. As in the above "Avista" article, it's the taxpayers' duty to pay taxes for causes like this, so that the Wal-Mart profits worldwide can increase, increase, and increase some more. I think Wal-Mart probably has a few fatcats running around, and as you know, fatcats have big appetites. Soon, Idaho will too be paying more mega-bucks for the privilege (?) of having more Wal-Marts. Get ready, Idaho taxpayers; even if you don't SHOP at Wal-Mart, you still may end up paying in part for the stores' existence here in the Gem State. Isn't that cool? Spend money at Wal-Mart without leaving your house. Just pay your taxes, and smile, because you've done your part.

A couple more stories I can do without dept.: Vice President Dick Cheney is not going to face any charges for using his hunting buddy for target practice. That's fine with me. Cheney is a sleazy slimeball, and I just don't want to hear about him anymore. Another sleazy slimeball, ex-Spokane Mayor Jim West isn't going to face federal prosecution for diddling his fingers (and who knows what else) while online, seeking "qualified and eager" job applicants, offering them the sun, moon, stars (and who knows what else). I have a bad enough attitude towards government, whether it be local, state or nationwide, without hearing about these two utterly DEPLORABLE people.

Maybe it's time for these guys to go dept.: It's unclear when, or even if, Barry Bonds will show up for spring training. He hasn't yet showed up at the San Francisco Giants training camp. Also, it's suspected that Sammy Sosa will retire this year, rather than face another lackluster year like last year. Of course, what these guys have in common is excruciating scrutiny; both players are built like comic-book superheroes, and the suspicion is, that didn't exactly come from eating WHEATIES, for cryin' our loud. But...on the bright SPRING...draw ever closer, so I'll bite the bullet and do my best to endure the little cold snap we're having.

Maybe it's time for HER to go dept.: I just heard that Senator Hillary Clinton's figure is the latest addition to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in merrie olde London, England. I think there are a lot of politicians (and voters) who would just as soon see Hillary HERSELF put in the wax museum, and her wax-dummy image can stand in, in Congress. One positive effect, she wouldn't "put her foot in her mouth" quite as much...and to quote Hillary, "This (blog) is run like a plantation...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN". Right on, sister! NOT!

And that there's the end of this post. I got started late on it. More important things to do! The AMC Channel showed a coupla James Bond movies tonite, so I videotaped them. Over 4 hours of movies; I feel like I chopped out about 400 obnoxious commercials in the process. That's tiring!


Blogger Jinx said...

When It comes to big dogs I agree..I'll keep my Pomeranian..the worse he could do is trip me.

8:09 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Jinx...once, while on a training run, I was met in the middle of the street by a growling Rottweiler...he probably thot I was "Lunch" me, the Rottie seemed like a pit bull on stilts. I stood motionless in the street and yelled at the dog's owner to call his 'beast' back home!

8:57 PM  

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