Friday, February 17, 2006

Quiet desperation under sunny skies?
...a sunny day with blue skies, but still uncomfortable...

Once, I read a joke in a joke book (a logical place to find jokes, right?), and the joke consisted of a teacher asking a student, "What is Canada's main export?", to which little Johnny replied, "COLD AIR". I'd like to take this time to inform our neighbors to the north that in spite of the fact they desired to share the coldness with us, 'Hey, you guys, you can STOP now!' After coffee today, I went down to feed the flock; I had a loaf of bread in the car. That was gone in a flash. I went and got two more loaves, and that, too, disappeared. The seagulls were their same old ravenously screeching selves, but I think I detected a certain amount of urgency with how the ducks approached me...they were literally jumping on me, ripping pieces of bread out of my hands; there was something about the "little noises" they made while eating; almost a sort-of ornothological whimper; a little bit of desperation in the flock, perhaps? Wow.

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite. Here I go, feeding the birds when it gets cold, but what do I do to help my fellow man? I don't know. Maybe I've been hurt too much in my life and I can't get close to anyone, which is (probably) the case. It's been documented that people who can't handle the pressures of a "constant relationship" opt out for a pet instead. I can't even handle THAT. Last summer, I met more homeless people than ever in City Park; I wrote once about a homeless lady I met; I put her up for the night and drove her to Deer Park, Washington the next day. She was tired, wasted, and very obviously drunk. So many needy people everywhere. I know a blonde lady who frequents downtown Sherman Avenue; she lives in her CAR, and I keep wondering what's wrong with her? It takes one to know one, and I can tell without a doubt she has (at least minor, if not more severe) mental problems. And there, but for the grace of God, go I. I'm no Bible-toter, but I know beyond a DOUBT he's taken care of me over the years. He does so even now. Let's just hope it gets warmer soon.


How about some really cool music dept.: I have been aware of the group "Love" for a long time, but only recently, have I been really getting into the group's inventive, quirky and unusual style of rock and roll. Love was led by a black guy named Arthur Lee, who has the uncanny ability to sing gritty rock and roll, and then turn around and sing the sweetest ballad you ever heard. Arthur's had a weird life. He didn't want to tour worldwide in the '60s and '70s, and as such, never got really famous. He's been known for being kinda crazy, and he spent 6 years in jail on a three-strikes offense, getting out in 2002. He's written almost all of the group's repertoire, and his songs are jam-packed with strange chord changes, lush lyrical imagery and a very emotional delivery of each and every song he does. Maybe you DO have to be nuts to be a great artist. I think it helps...

This is Love's 3rd album, released in 1967, titled "Forever Changes". It is widely regarded as one of the "Lost Classic Albums". It is a delicately emotional album, with soft acoustic guitars, violins, horns, and occasionally a scorching lead guitar that snaps you back to reality. On this album, Arthur Lee sings about his own unsettled mental state, things going on around him and life's unpredictability in general. And although "Love" really didn't do a lot of "love songs", there is a ballad on this album that'll break your heart; it's called "Andmoreagain". (Weird song titles abound in Love's repertoire.) Just a perfect record. Amazing music, it really is.

You can type "Love, Arthur Lee" into Google and get thousands of websites devoted to both him and the group. For some reason, "Love" has become a widely-known favorite in Europe and England, while almost forgotten in the states. What you see here is a DVD performance of the ENTIRE "Forever Changes" album, filmed in London, in 2003. There's also some tasty bonus performances of songs from other "Love" albums, too. It is amazing to see an artist such as Arthur Lee, who's had so much craziness in his life, perform this album in front of an enthusiastic audience and be so warmly accepted. Maybe he had to go thru all of "that" to get to "this". I feel like I've been lost in the ozone for years, too. I tell ya, when I saw this concert, it brought tears to my eyes. So much inspiration in this music. So much emotion. This is one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen, and I wanted to "share".

Photo-sabotage 101 is now in session dept.: Whoa, this post has been getting waaaay too heavy, so let's end this thing with some silliness. Only, this next item may not be so much silly, as tragical in a comical sort of way. Yep, yer right, I'm talking about the guy who tries so hard to be Prezzident of this great land...

I didn't want you think I'd gone off the emotional deep end, though I MIGHT if things don't warm up soon. I did another genteel-type 'photo-satire' last night; Prezzident George Bushed here, in all of his glory. (or not)

I've heard the Vice Prezzident will not be prosecuted; it was a hunting accident, and the administration is trying to get "past this". The major question is, though, why did it take so long for Cheney's hunting accident to get reported? Enquiring minds wanna know, but probably never will.


Baby, it's cold outside, so if yer gonna be out there for any length of time, wear about 67 sweatshirts so you can avoid the chill-factor. This weather might indeed be cold enough, that if you speak, your words will freeze, so whoever you're speaking to can take the words home and thaw them to find out what you said. (An Idaho Tall Tale)


Blogger Jinx said...

what you don't think this is sweater weather?
I think I actually saw the high school kids get off the bus with coats and hats on. lol

8:18 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hey, Jinx...I think Moms everywhere can take a break from worrying about their daughters' bare midriffs or ultra-short skirts as long as the temperatures stay down!

8:56 PM  

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