Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh, these guys are TRICKY!!!
Or, if ya can't get it ONE way, you get it ANOTHER way!

It seems there's a developer around these parts who wants to build a 20-to-30 story multiple-use tower here in Coeur d'Alene, only he can't do that because CDA has height restrictions in place which (so far) prohibit buildings that tall. So, this developer now wants to build his oversized monstrosity ACROSS THE STREET from the Coeur d'Alene City Limits, in Fernan Village. I, for one, did not know Fernan Village also included land between CDA Lake Drive and the freeway! Sneaky, sneaky! That means this guy may be able to build his building, NOT in Coeur d'Alene, but awfully close to it. And, Coeur d'Alene residents will still have to see that monstrosity when they cruise by, and it's Coeur d'Alene which will be forced to endure the additional traffic generated by the multipurpose-use tower, which will include offices and condos.

I personally favor new structures which don't tower over everyone and everything; more 'sympathetic' structures which are in greater harmony with the area. Oh yeah, but if you aren't at least 10 stories up, you're probably not gonna be able to see the sun setting over Coeur d'Alene Lake, which is quite a ways away from the location of the proposed tower. So, condo owners, in effect, are paying for the view! Shoot, I can get in my car, go down to the lake, and enjoy the view for FREE! (So far!) The city of CDA is already in the process of debating height restrictions; already, there's a 14-story structure in place at 7th and Front Avenue. You know, I've seen panoramic views of Miami, where skyscrapers dominate the shoreline, and Coeur d'Alene will be an awful lot like that someday if the brakes aren't put on development of tall structures. If one day tall buildings are allowed to be built anywhere in this area, well, I'll accept it, but that doesn't mean I have to LIKE it!

Let's go get stoned dept.: (One of my favorite Ray Charles songs, by the way) Five young ladies in nearby Rathdrum got STONED on Robitussin capsules, and they had to be taken from Rathdrum's junior high school to Kootenai Medical Center so they could "detox"! I guess this is happening more and more with over-the-counter stuff. Well, already I have to make a special request for allergy meds, because only the strongest stuff works for me, and that stuff is kept under lock and key behind a counter. They're afraid I'll go home and cook up a pot of Meth or some such thing, I guess.

Pretty soon, if this trend keeps up, there'll be more stuff locked up behind the counter, than is on the store shelves. "Nope, can't put Robitussin on the shelves, 'cos kids buy tons of it to get stoned"; I can just hear it now. "Let's see, we've gotta take Purex off the shelves because you can get high on the fumes. Oh yeah, we'd better remove bar soap, because kids'll take it to school and try to eat it. We'd better take all canned goods off the shelves, because a can thrown at someone's head will kill them." And so on, and so forth. It's gettin' purty crayzee out thar!

It's times like this I'm proud of our country dept.: The Arab Emirates have pulled back on their deal to take over several U.S. Seaports on the east coast. Prezzident Bush said he didn't even know the details of the agreement until it had been already approved! So who's running this country, anyway? But now, we have breathing room on this whole deal. Time to analyze it, and hopefully, time enough for the Prezzident to realize that no one wants our seaports managed by the Arab Emirates; after all, it's from that part of the world that we've been attacked. The argument has been put forth, that the British have managed our seaports for years...well, maybe so, but Britain has not attacked us since the Revolutionary War. So I'd say our country's relationship with Britain is a bit different (and less dangerous) than any of the sleazy oil-mongering countries in the Middle East. And I'm proud of all of the legislators who stood up against this thing! There is hope after all.

Is that a moustache or a hair-lip dept.: (Omigosh! Am I being politically incorrect?) This Adam Morrison moustache thing is just silly. This kid has obviously risen thru the ranks, played tons of basketball, kept up his grades so he could stay on the team, and is a big sparkplug for Gonzaga University's offense. And what do the masses remember him for? The MOUSTACHE! I don't get all.

This is honestly how I feel about the whole Adam Morrison moustache situation. I mean, he's damned if he shaves it off, he's damned if he keeps it. I don't really understand why people seize on the smallest things about someone who has earned a certain amount of fame; I think all of this is just plain old silly, and come on, people, we're better than that! Adam just seems like a good guy...remember him for THAT, why don'tcha?

This has been, what's known in the blogging trade, as a "dental" post. Why? Because writing this thing was like PULLING TEETH! But, I never know about these things; it seems that my WORST blogs get the most positive comment; go figure, I guess. (Maybe I should grow a moustache?)


Blogger Word Tosser said...

Robitussin deal......
The only thing they worried about when I was in school was ... did we eat the glue paste...

10:16 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Glue paste? Nah, I woulda never eaten that. However, I thought that Elmers' Glue and Play-doh smelled mighty good~

2:40 AM  
Blogger klingonlursa said...

Well, I am a resident of Fernan Village, and can assure you that not only are we NOT going to let a Towering inferno in our village, but our city ordinances (yes we are a city with its own city council and planning & zoning dept.s)state clearly that that type of building will not be permitted. Clearly the impact on the residential area, which is acrross the freeway, would be devastating. Not only would our sunlight be cut off, but our voting voices would be muted because "they" would outnumber us. This property sits right next to the only outlet Fenan Lake has into CDA Lake, and the chances of pollutants flowing in or out would be a factor. We enjoy our lake, and do not want to be kyaking, fishing, feeding ducks, having a BBQ, or simply enjoying our back yards with the feeling that someone in a tower is looking down at us. Most of the people that could afford this type of residence will be a part timer, with part time interest in what happens the rest of the year in our village. Over our dead bodies will this monolith to excess be be built.

5:52 PM  

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