Monday, January 30, 2006

It's the State of the Union address...
I don't think I could bear to watch...
...this is one "train wreck" I'm gonna look away from!

In tomorrow night's State of the Union address, Prezzident George W. Bushed will have a chance to redeem himself. At this point, I'm kinda wondering if the "W" stands for "Weasel"...I just don't know. Lobbyist scandals...wiretapping that hasn't been done in the best of circumstances...inefficiency in responding to Hurricane Katrina survivors while needless war-related expenses, both in money and in lives increase; a war that we may have been misled into believing that we needed to be over there. I can't bear to watch our Prezzident "try" to communicate. He stumbles over his words, he smirks, he looks like his skull is going to cave in under pressure at any moment. I'm sorry, but the sight of him makes my skin absolutely crawl.

At this late date, over 60% of those surveyed (a recent "Time Magazine" survey) feel pretty much like I do. ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman have been seriously injured in Iraq; I believe this development will focus attention on the question of "what are we doing in Iraq?", a question that we need ANSWERS for, Mr. President. A question that he and those who are propping him up in power will probably continue to "skirt" as long as possible. I don't feel good about this administration at all. When Bill Clinton began his first term, I and a lot of others had hope for this country. I'm afraid that all we're doing now is treading water until the current administration is just GONE. I love this country, but I can't STAND this President. I'm sorry I feel that way; I can't help it.

Are you ready for some football? dept.: It's unavoidable, the degree of super-hype that surrounds this upcoming Super Bowl, and we in the northwest will be exposed to more of it than usual, since "our" team, the Seahawks, is gonna play in the big one. Maybe one reason Super Bowls are usually somewhat disappointing, is because of all the hype. It IS "just" a football game, after all! I 'spose that if the Seahawks lose, I can be thankful that at least I had a chance to see the Rolling Stones perform for free at halftime; I don't think I'd wanna shell out for a concert ticket to see those old codgers!

I wouldn't even pay to see Paul McCartney "live", even though he's an ex-Beatle. Why? He's so filthy rich, he doesn't need MY money! Besides, I bought the "deluxe edition that comes with DVD" version of his newest album. Anyway, getting back to the Super Bowl, leading up to the game, we'll probably know all the Seahawks' shoe sizes, what they had for dinner, where they went shopping after practice, and other details "ad nauseum", and we'll probably know all that about the Steelers, too. After all the hype, I'll be readier (is that a word?) for football than EVER. And I'll try my best to bypass the hype.

I scooped Channel 4 news dept.: Here in the blog last week, I posted a little article about Exxon corporation, those rabid fuel-mongerers...and how Exxon made its highest-EVER batch of profits in the "quarter" just done, while we peons here who have to buy gas pay ever-higher prices for fuel so we can get from "point A to point B". And, Channel 4 news is just getting around to broadcasting that development tonite! It just goes to show that if little old "me" can 'scoop' a professional news-gathering organization, there's a lot of BOZOS in charge of things out there.

It's on TONITE, don't miss it dept.: The A&E network will be showing an "original" movie, the story of Flight 93, the 9/11-hijacked plane that ended up crashing into a Pennsylvania field when passengers wrestled control away from the hijackers; evidently that plane was headed for the White House. A&E usually shows their original movies several times during the movie's "debut week", in the evenings and again, after midnite. And, one of the questions I wish Bush would answer in his State Of The Union address: "Mr. President, if IRAN was responsible for 9/11, why are we fighting in IRAQ?" I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just a political imbecile. Or not...

How about another really cool picture dept.: It is always interesting to go back in time, and lately, we've been doing that here in this blog. I found an Ebay merchant who posted a whole bunch of photos he was selling, taken by Leo's Studio in Spokane, and I'm always fascinated when I learn new things from old photos, such as in the photo below...

Here's another "circa 1950" photo of the old Desert Hotel, which was located on the north side of Sherman Avenue, between 1st and 2nd Street. I did not know that there was a "Cedar Dining Room" in the Desert Hotel. At this time, the building was already over 50 years old, and it would exist until 1972 when it burned down in a rather mysterious fire. An "Athletic Round Table" swimming pool had been built on the west side of the building, "at left" in this photo. I guess the "Athletic Round Table" was a "club" of sorts; way back when, my Dad was a member, so I got to swim in the pool. And how about that old car out front? Thoser old vehicles are just WAY COOL.

So endeth another posting. You can tell I'll have my nose glued to the TV tonite. Not that much different than any other night, ha ha. I found a cheap 2nd-hand VHS of a James Bond movie today, so that'll be fun to watch. I think I wish I could be James Bond. He's just so suave and debonaire. Everything I'll never be. Oh well...


Blogger Jinx said...

I remember going there one time and getting to swim with a member's daughter in the pool.
It was the first time I was ever in a heated pool. Wow big time.
I was one of the multitude watching it burn too.

11:49 PM  
Blogger stebbijo said...

Good scoop - cdadave!

12:36 AM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Jinx...I was swimming in the "A.R.T." pool, when a guy jumped off the diving board and landed ON me...we both went down to the bottom of the pool, where I gashed one of my toes on the pool bottom; I lost the toenail, and 40 years later, it STILL hasn't grown back in right.

Stebbi...what can I say, I just kinda notice things like that. I burn out on all the big informational-overloaded politico stories, and instead notice the goofy little things. Maybe in a previous life, I was L.M. Boyd, who, for years, wrote a trivia column...

5:59 PM  

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