Sunday, January 29, 2006

I never knew what the letter "G" stood for...
...I only know it wasn't "good"!!!

That's a lyric line from an obscure Paul McCartney song, "Sally G", a hoe-down number he recorded in Nashville back in the '70s. For a long time, the only place you could find it was on the B-side of the "Junior's Farm" single, although it has been since issued as a "bonus track" on a CD. This is how the record companies get us to buy "the same old music" we already have on records, on CD' dangling "bonus tracks" in our faces. Regretfully, it works. I (and my wallet) speak from personal experience here.

But this post has nothing to do with Paul McCartney. "Really", you say...On the TeeVee tonite, I saw one commercial that featured Barry Manilow huckstering a CD of old torch songs he's recently recorded; I guess he thot, "well, if Rod Stewart can do it, I can too"...but this post isn't about Manilow either. (Except to say that, ironically, he DIDN'T write his biggest hit, "I Write The Songs".) No, this post is about that curly-haired semi-dreadlocked alto sax player, "Kenny G". I think his last name is something like "Gralnick" or "Grubnick" or "Geeknick", who knows? But I know what the letter "G" stands for in his case..."GAG!!!"

I saw another TV commercial tonite for a "Best of Kenny G" CD...his pattern of playing is to play the melody of a song for a couple of minutes, and then he shows off by throwing thousands of different notes into the mix, totally distorting the song, and after a while, the whiny alto sax he plays sounds like a live cat being run through the meat grinder! "Yowllllll.....Screeeeech!!!" And to top it off, one of the songs on Kenny G's CD is a DUET with the worst-ever-vocalist in the entire known universe, Michael Bolton! Listening to THAT would be kinda like eating lard and washing it down with castor oil! In short, "blecccccccch!!!"In closing this portion of this post, I'd like to think that this blog provides a valuable PUBLIC SERVICE...that of protecting the eardrums of unsuspecting listeners!

What am I doing, posting at 4:48am? dept.: I honestly don't know. I seem to get really side-tracked on weekends. Part of my problem tonite is that I taped the James Bond flick, "Tomorrow Never Dies", shown on A&E. It's a two-hour movie, but since any movie on commercial TV usually comes adorned with at least 5,000 commercials, it took me about 3 and a half hours to tape the whole thing! And to make things worse, I had to actually pay attention to the commercial breaks, because I was cutting them out of the taping. The movie began at 1am...But taping it was worth the effort...hey, for pure escapist entertainment value, nothing beats a "James Bond" picture!

It's that awkward time of year dept.: What, NO SPORTS this weekend? Well, there ain't none unless you like NBA Basketball or NHL hockey, which I DON'T. The last 3 weeks or so, I've been watching football almost as frequently as I used to do the entire season! The Super Bowl's coming up next Sunday, and that should be fun. "Go Seahawks", although they're 4-point underdogs. And, get this, 10 days after that, Spring Baseball (the pre-season "season") begins the soap opera we all know and love as the upcoming baseball season. I'm hoping that the Mariners can manage a winning season, even if they're only one game over .500. I still think the M's "Achilles Heel" this year will be PITCHING!

I am the Prezzident...I think...dept.: Prezzident Bush's overall approval rating is 41% as I type this, down 12 points from this time last year. That means, more Americans think Bush is an absolutely rotten Prezzident than in the previous year. I guess his "State of the Union" address is coming up in a couple days, and you'd have to shackle me and chain me to the chair and FORCE me to watch it against my will. I get uncomfortable seeing him trying to speak. He's like an "android artificial human being" going through the motions. No charm or warmth at ALL. It seems as if he's hovering "just above" a rising level of total ineptness. I may have been "totally UnAmerican" when I decided not to vote, but I am SO GLAD I didn't vote for him. Wiretaps. Wars. Scandals. Dishonesty. Obfuscation. All elements of this administration. If my Dad were alive, he'd probably use a term he used a LOT, to describe 'this Prezzident': "Village IDIOT!"

And the war drags on and on and on dept.: While typing the above blog entry, news came over MSNBC, just now, that the new co-anchor for ABC News, Bob Woodruff, along with his cameraman, have both been seriously injured in an "I.E.D." (whatever that is) attack somewhere in Iraq; evidently, they were both 'embedded' with the troops over there. CAN WE JUST GET OUT OF IRAQ, PLEASE???? Sing with me..."War!!! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHIN'!!!"

An important "Side Note" dept.: A fairly frequent visitor to this blog, a guy who uses the name "Side Note" (he's also one of the interactive bloggers at
commented on one of the "Leo's" photos I posted in a post down below...he told me that "Leo's" was a top-quality photo studio which operated way back when, out there in the Spokane Valley. "Leo's" has been the source of the really cool black and white photos I've been posting of this area lately. One more such photo lurks ominously (!) below...

A couple of posts below, I posted a photo taken on Sanders Beach; you could see a large house in the background. You can see that same house in this photo, which was obviously taken from the east side of Tubbs Hill, and pictured here are some old "port" buildings (if someone wants to fill me in on the history here, be my guest). I do know, that in the '60s, there was a boat seller called "Ray Jones' Boat Works" which occupied this area. Anyway, I have a few more "Leo's" photos left that I haven't posted yet; look for those in upcoming posts. And, look through many of my earlier postings this month for still more "Leo's" gems.

Since I feel obligated, for reasons unknown to me, to try and post every day, well, this is my Sunday post, I guess! It is now 5:36am as I'm finishing up here. I think I'd better shut this thing down before I hear any more bad news!


Anonymous cc said...

What poll did you get the 41 percent from cdadave? what is the sampling? just curious.

4:45 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hi, "cc"; I was watching MSNBC this morning, and that's where where I got that 41% Bush poll figure. I can only assume it was a poll commissioned my MSNBC, or an independent poll that they were reporting on. But that figure did come from a legitimate news source, so I'm not totally off-base.

11:10 PM  
Blogger stebbijo said...

I am so out of the loop when it comes to national politics -- it is like selective hearing. I am just numbed out over it all - I can't even bitch anymore and make myself feel better.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous cc said...

Thanks! (Last poll I heard had Bush approval at 37 percent.)

I'm with you Stebbijo. I am just plain sick and tired of it all.

I enjoy your pictures cdadave.

2:07 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hi again, CC, and hi again, darling Stebbi...I think we all need to have about 10 or 12 spare TV's; that way, when we get irritated seeing Prezzident Bush on the screen, we can take a sledgehammer to the screen (or throw a brick at it, which might be more fun), and still have TV's we can watch other stuff on.

CC, that Poll, I later found out, was a TIME MAGAZINE poll that MSNBC was reporting on.

7:02 PM  

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