Saturday, January 21, 2006

...I keep on...
Holdin' On To Yesterday.....

It's fun to go back in time sometimes. I know that the pace of life in Coeur d'Alene is still slower than that of other hustling, bustling places, but especially when I'm in the suburb-like northern part of town, sometimes I just lose track of myself. I don't begrudge progress; I just kinda feel I'm at the age where I'm sorta "stuck"; I end up "enduring" society, more than "coping" with it. But there are still good times to be had around here. Spring is coming; City Park awaits, so does the Centennial Trail and Sanders Beach, as well as Fernan Lake and all sorts of other groovy (groovy?) places around here.

Here is an old photo that will leave you "Holdin' On To Yesterday", for a little while, at least. It was taken around 1950, and shows Coeur d'Alene way back when. Click on the pic; it enlarges. As you can see, Best Avenue was pretty much the "northern city limits" way back then. Out north of town, you can see the vast expanse of prairie area that now comprises Dalton Gardens. I'd like to "go back", just for a day; drive around the area and immerse myself in the "long ago", and experience what it felt like. I can't do that, though. I guess pictures are the next best thing. (By the way, "Holdin' On To Yesterday" is the title of a 1970's song by AMBROSIA.)

The last post before the big game dept.: Tomorrow, at about 3:30 our time, the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers will play in the NFC Championship game, and I honestly don't know what to think. Who is gonna win? My take on all of this? Seattle is undefeated at home this year. Carolina has won a whole bunch of games on the road. Seattle is playing better than ever. Carolina has more playoff experience. Both are good teams. In a previous post, I said, that while I hope Seattle wins, they'd probably lose by a touchdown or a field goal. On "Imus in the Morning", Chris Carlin, in his "fat boy lock of the week" says that Carolina is gonna get it done against the Seahawks. Terry Bradshaw was interviewed on "Imus" and he really had no idea who would win this game. I think the 'Hawks have a good chance if they don't melt down in the first half. Should be interesting. And, like a politician, I'm "waffling" a lot here, ain't I?

I can't believe I heard the whole thing dept.: I was sitting in the Java place yesterday. I've come to accept that 99.997% of the population feels the insane need to be "connected" all of the time, and that they're basically slaves to their cell phones. I'm getting "fairly" used to hearing one side of numerous phone calls while I'm trying to piece my brain cells together over a cup of coffee. So I am trying to be really accommodating here. Anyway, back to "Java", there was a guy who was talking on his cellphone, and he was standing clear over on the other side of the coffee-drinking area, 20 or 30 feet away from me. He'd say something in the cell-phone, and I could actually HEAR who he was talking to; he'd had the phone volume set that high. Huh? What? Well, I suppose the guy can go and try to sue the phone company if he ever comes down with a split eardrum or cell-phone deafness. Me, I always thot the idea was to get AWAY from the phone!

They couldn't quite 'free Willy' dept.: I just heard on CBS news, that the whale which swam up the Thames River in England, had indeed gotten lost. Rescuers did manage to get hold of the whale, and hoist it up onto a barge, and the barge was attempting to return the whale to ocean waters, where it could feed and get stronger. The poor creature had become weak while it had been disoriented in the river. Sadly, it died on the barge. I think, though, that the comforting thing about a story like this, is that it shows that we, the human race, still have compassion. People were lining the banks of the river, marvelling at the enormous creature. All I can say is, "Awwwwwww....."

Yep, a short post. It endeth now. I sleepeth in. Gotta go get something to eat before going out to make rude guitar noizzes. See ya after the Seahawks game. I'm kinda looking for a Carolina win, by a margin of about 24-20. Hope I'm wrong, tho. Go, 'Hawks!


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