Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today is bargain-basement-discount-day at "Thin Air"...
FOUR for the price of ONE!!!
...best of all, you don't have to stand outside in the cold for hours to get this deal!

I get a lot of the old photos I post here over Ebay; all I do is "subscribe" to their referral service, and I get stuff every day. What I have below, are pictures of four postcards. I actually only wanted to use one of those, but when I cropped it away from the rest of them, it got big and all of the pixels got super-expanded; it didn't look good at all. So, this is a sort of "all-or-nothing deal"...you've gotta take 'em all. Good thing about this, though; if you click on the pictures, they'll expand. "Inflation" has never been this good.

So, we'll go clockwise from left to right, okay? At UPPER LEFT is a postcard "rendering" of an old photo a few posts below this one, where people are boarding/disembarking from/onto a Lake CDA Steamer/Railway car to go to wherever it was they were going.

At UPPER RIGHT is the "one" postcard I really did want to include here; it's the old mill that sat on the land which now comprises the CDA Rezzort Golf Course. The big difference between then and now? Blue-collar folks were on the land when it was the "mill"; no Blue-Collar folks on today's ultra-unaffordable golf course, 4-sure! This view gives you a really good idea of what that area looked like way back when.

At LOWER LEFT is a rear-view of one of the old Steamers which traversed CDA Lake; it could be, that the people in the "disembarking" photo shown here, were "disembarking" from a boat such as this one. That's a big lake out there, ain't it?

At LOWER RIGHT, is what I believe is nowadays called "Arrow Point", only back then, it had another name (the "N" word), which you can see at the top of that postcard. (Again, click on it; it expands.) These 4 "renderings" are from photos taken early in the 20th century, long before the days of frequent-flier miles or overpriced "gooey" sundaes at the Rezzort. Hope U enjoyed 'em!

Not all that much to post today; I'm still wrestling with "topical burnout"; so much stuff to keep up on in the news department. Although, I did see a bumper sticker today, that said, "Wear Your Seat Belt; it makes it that much harder for the Aliens to suck you out of your car." Now, I'd call that a GOOD reason!


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