Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just another insignificant, inconsequential

Yep, here I am, once again, coping with winter. I've made my views on winter pretty-well-known, and I get comments from those who say, "well, if you don't like winter, get out of here!" First, WHO ARE YOU to tell me what to do; Secondly, I'LL LIVE WHERE I DAMN WELL WANNA LIVE, thank you, and Third, this place (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) is absolutely gorgeous the other 75% of the year. I accept winter as something I must endure, sort-of like a gout attack or a bad cold. It's just part of life. Taking the bad along with the good. Harrumph.

Gosh, I hope this doesn't happen AGAIN dept.: Last year, I had to pay a plumber brain surgeon's wages to come out and fix my pipes, which had busted during last winter's below-zero epidemic; well, he (allegedly) fixed things to make them better than what they were. Right now, I can't take a shower because my cold water doesn't work. Yet the cold water runs in the bathroom and kitchen sinks. By the way, have I said lately that I DESPISE Winter?

I can't stand being around me dept.: (Or, "Shower Tales, part II") So I haven't been able to take a shower the last couple of days. Ack, yecch, ick. Whoever said the human body is one of the dirtiest things on earth was RIGHT! So, I had to go down to the Health Club to take a shower. When I got there, they said I wasn't a member. I said, "what? I paid you $70.00 last fall so you could bill my Debit Card". (I owed 2-months worth at the time) Well, the clerk told me, "oh, we're having trouble accepting debit cards, even though we can accept CHARGE Cards." So why didn't I get a phone call from the Health club so I could have corrected this situation last month? I tell ya, ineptitude runs RAMPANT in our society!

Anyway, I've thot about this, and it seems to me that debit cards are based on the cash you CURRENTLY HAVE in your bank account, not the amount you EXPECT TO HAVE at a future date. So, you'd think Debit cards would have priority! Anyway, now I have to go to the bank, get my account and routing number, and then go back to the health club with that information so they can begin charging me "X" amount every month like I THOUGHT THEY WERE DOING ALL ALONG. Why does EVERY LITTLE INSIGNIFICANT THING in life have to be a BATTLE? We're supposed to be getting smarter, not dumber, but instead, we are all mindless slaves to the shortcomings of technology.

Shot down in Flames dept.: One of Coeur d'Alene's semi-landmarks, the 7-11 store, up on 4th and Appleway is no more,, and virtually the rest of the little one-story mall it was located in went up in flames over the weekend. A friend of mine used to have a little record store in that mall. Also, whenever I was in the northern section of town, I'd stop in at 7-11 for this and that and whatever else. Just kinda goes to show that everything that us human "beans" build, is destined to crumble sooner or later. No matter if it's a convenience store or an inconvenient Rezzort!

This is one heck of a strong drink dept.: There was a story in the local paper about a young man, who, by hook or by crook, convinced a homeless alcoholic guy to drink a batch of industrial strength cleaner. Some people said that the man who prompted the homeless guy to drink the "Drano on the Rocks" or whatever you'd call it, was an evil person. Evil indeed. However, I commented on Huckleberries Online (, that the guy who drank the stuff was "no Mensa member, either". And I got flak for that. I was told that an addiction can prompt one to do strange things, even coming close to killing one's self. Hmmm. I apologize here and now for the "Mensa" remark, but I tell ya, when an addiction overcomes any semblance of common sense or self-protective thought, it just astounds me. Makes me say "gosh". Can you say these two little words: "Death Wish"?

It actually did exist once upon a time dept.: You'd never know it now, because the area I'm talking about contains a big clock tower with annoying out-of-tune bells that "gong" each and every hour. (Built by "ding-dongs", obviously). What used to be there, was Templin's Restaurant and Motor Hotel, but that place is long gone. Still, the memories remain. And, pictured just below, is another view of the Templins' Dining Room.

Templins' was located on the corner of 1st and Sherman, approximately where that grassy area, just north of the Boardwalk Bar, is located. I didn't go into Templins' all that much, but as a kid, I rode my bike and drove my car past it, on the way to North Idaho College, or for an afternoon's swim at City Beach. Templin's did manage to make it into the '80s before all kinds of nasty corporate takeovers took place. Moves that Donald Trump would've been proud of! The Art Of The Deal, indeed.

This might just be a good game after all dept.: Once again, I didn't watch 'em, and the Seattle Seahawks ended up winning another game, although it wasn't an easy win. Meantime, the previously undefeated Indianapolis Colts lost their first game of the season. That, in turn, sets the stage for next Saturday's Seahawks/Colts game, which will be played in Seattle, and those Seattle fans can be loud, which makes things uncomfortable for opponents. I honestly can't predict who'll win it. Like a politician will do in any given situation, I'll just "sit on the fence" until I know what the outcome is!

Again, I surprised myself here. I didn't have "idea one" when I began this post. And, I'm hoping for all the best. That would include "warmer" temperatures so my pipes will unthaw, so that my SHOWER WORKS!


Blogger Sam said...

I once got caugtrh stealing Pogs of all things as a small child from Videonics, which was located where the Beau Monde Exchange no sorta is (due to it being destroyed).

The owners of Videonics did not prosecute me since my parents were well-known faces at the store. It was a good life lesson and I always remember going to 7-11 for slurpies and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Steve and Robin were the owners before they got divorced and sold it. They were nice people.

God speed 7-11 strip mall. God speed.

6:06 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

I remember Videonics. I worked at the Donut Shop up there for 4 years, doing cleanup. Every now and then, one of the donut ladies (clerks) would have me make a cigarette run, and I'd try not to get killed as I was crossing Best Avenue. I never had a slurpie, though. Although once I had a hot dog covered with that gross yellow substance that looked like cheese; that was enough to cure me of 7-11 hot dogs for a lifetime!

9:27 PM  

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