Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Coeur d'Alene Christmas...
Or, time to give credit where credit's due...

In previous postings, the subject of the "Coeur d'Alene Rezzort" has come up periodically, and I've referred to it in generally disparaging terms. Face it, I'm not rich, I'm no "high roller"; I'm just a Coeur d'Alene native who's lived around here a long time. So yeah, I've had a general feeling of disdain towards that whole operation...perhaps some of that disdain comes from knowing I'll never be a member of the "upper crust"; I don't know. Hence, I've had harsh comments. No, I'm not turning into an old softie, but it is time to give credit where credit's due.

Earlier this week, as I was walking back to my car after having some "Java", as I approached Front Avenue, I looked over at the CDA Rezzort; it was dark, and I could see the lights on its boardwalk. I spied "neon reindeer" galloping through the sky, part of the Christmas ("Holiday") display that is set up every year. And I thought, "yeah, that's nice, isn't it?" Maybe, much as the fireworks are part of "July 4th", the boardwalk lights are indicative of the Christmas season.

I haven't seen this years' lights from the "Park" side of the Boardwalk, but generally, one can see this Nativity Scene as it radiates across the water. A totally different way of looking at Christmas, and I suppose "there's hope" that Christmas hasn't been totally commercialized when people still display scenes such as this. Silent night, Holy night, indeed. It's early Christmas Morning as I write this, and I just want to wish everyone the best Merry Christmas possible.

I remember the fascination of Christmas as I grew up here in Coeur d'Alene. It was a truly magic time. I remember sitting in our living room in the evening. We generally kept the lights low in the living room, since the "rule" around the house was that we didn't use that room too much, which was okay, because we had a really great family room too. But in that dark living room, sometimes I would sit on the leather sofa and look at our lighted Christmas tree, with Christmas music playing softly on my Mom's stereo. Maybe I'm easily entertained, but moments like that were totally enchanting to me. I still remember that, and it gets me thru the loneliness of Christmas Eve, which isn't a very easy night for me to get through since my parents passed away.

I remember the first Christmas Eve after that had happened; I was sitting in my own living room, and I was playing some of the records my Mom used to have. That was such an intense emotional experience for me; it was like "the night that would never end", but I made it thru somehow. For some reason, Christmas Eve just always kinda hits me hard anymore. I called a friend tonight, and we spoke on the phone for 3 hours, and I never call anyone! Yet, I didn't want to hang up the phone and face Christmas Eve, but I finally got "all talked out" and here I am, turning my soul inside out, while "sugar plums" dance in the heads of kids everywhere.

I remember one Christmas, when I was about 10 or 11, and as I lay in bed, I really did think I heard reindeer's hoofs on our rooftop, and right after that, I drifted off to sleep. So, I guess I'm giving "credit where credit's due" in another way, too. Our family might have been semi-dysfunctional, but Mom and Dad did, every year, try to give my sister and me the best Christmas possible. Memories, memories, memories. Please enjoy your Christmas holiday, and be sure to really treasure your holiday if it's a good one. You'll need those memories later on.

Feliz Navidad...Feliz Navidad...Prospero Ano y Felicidad...


Blogger Scan said...

I'm not usually one for holy days merriment but from across the pond, all the best for the upcoming year!

1:01 PM  
Blogger little ol' me said...

Hey there my English friend ("Scan") Thanks for the kind wish. I'm not enthuastic about Christmas all that much, either, but the holiday does have a certain amount of emotion attached to it. May you be well in the coming year!

2:09 PM  

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