Sunday, November 27, 2005

One o'them lackadaisical Sunday Postings...
Or, "I got tired of watching TV all day; I had to do something else!"

Making it up as I go along dept.: Talk about 'truth in advertising'...that's exactly what this post is. Nothing in particular to write about; indeed, "posting for the sake of posting". As I type this, my brain is "whizzing" around the insides of my cranium at several hundred miles per hour, trying to think of subjects which will be at least partially interesting. I do have a quaint little picture included at the bottom of this post, though, which will insure that your perusal of this post won't be a 'total' waste of time. (See, I've got one paragraph done already. How do I do that?)

A 'sort-of' hat tip to our men in blue dept.: I know I tend to come down hard on the Coeur d'Alene cops for what I perceive to be "useless persual of revenue-generating crimes" (which I'll continue to do, never fear), but, here's the other side of the coin: I'm watching "Cops" right now on TV, and there's no way I'd want to do what THEY do for a living. In this episode, they're chasing a suspect with a stolen car who's shooting back at them. Not my idea of an entertaining evening. In spite of all I type here, making fun of the "blue meanies", theirs is an important job. At times, anyway! Speaking of revenue-generating, Spokane cops are "following the money". They're doing their traffic-sting-thing around area shopping malls. As I said..."sometimes", Cops do important stuff. To me, traffic "stings" are just PETTY.

I can see why they never won any Oscars dept.: In the "Huckleberries" site I visit ( , one of the topix people are talking about are baaad movies. The blog-meister of that site said he & the wife had seen the new version of "Bewitched" and how awful it was compared to the original TV series. You want bad movies? Try any of the mid-60's movies that ELVIS starred in. In my collection I have "Clambake" (ugh!), "Harum Scarum" (huh?), "Blue Hawaii" (dreck!) and "Fun In Acapulco" (almost believable, but ultimately as cheesy as all the others). In one movie, he's in a tiny little coupe with a woman, and all of a sudden, he sings, "No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car"; in 'Blue Hawaii', he sings about "Queenie Wahini's Papaya". Ack. This from the man who gave us "Hound Dog", "Too Much", "Jailhouse Rock" and other classics.

In these cheesy movies, it seems Elvis breaks out into song at the slightest provocation (like, if his shorts ride up too tight or something). In one movie, he and a friend are walking along, and come upon a bunch of kids playing on an outdoor jungle gym. Ka-Bam, he starts singing some dumb song which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. ("Clambake"). As a matter of fact, the "Clambake" scene only takes up about 5 minutes in the middle of the movie! Ah, but I know why Elvis' movies featured so many dumb songs. The tunes covered up all of the HOLES IN THE SCRIPT that the bad writing couldn't fill! Me, the movie critic, huh?

What's wrong with 'em? They're actually having a winning season dept.: The Seattle Seahawks have been having a really good year, but you couldn't tell it by how easily their opponents (I've forgotten who they were! Ack!) moved the ball against them towards the end of today's game. I thought, by watching, I'd "jinxed" the Seahawks! As the game ended, the score was tied, and their opponents missed THREE FIELD GOALS in overtime, any one of which woulda won the game. Finally, the Seahawks got tired of trying to lose the game and ended it all with a field goal of their own. Seahawks, 9-2. Pretty good so far.

Howling at the moon dept.: Got to go out last nite and fire up the old guitar. I have a really nice Washburn guitar that I don't play very much. It's like a work of art or a nice sculpture; I don't want it to get scratched up; it's that nice. I've got an old bashed-up acoustic guitar that I can play through an amp; that's the one I play the most. It was an unstructured occasion; we just had fun with the music. Not a lot of people in the bar, but that's okay. So, if you play guitar as a hobby, and just want to get together with like-minded people...Thursday nights at O'Shea's and Saturday Nights at Fort Ground Tavern. Be there or be square. Me, I'm round.

May I please get topical for a moment dept.: The whole Iraq situation is getting very interesting, and I wonder how it's all gonna pan out. More and more older, established congressmen seem to be questioning what our objectives are over there, and right now (on the re-broadcast of "Meet The Press" which I'm watching as I type this), Demagogue Senator Joe Biden just said, "Mr. President, TELL US what the plan is". I'm sure that a lot of people out there are "writing their local congressmen"; most congressmen don't just flop around and contradict a Presidential agenda without grassroots pressure. This whole thing is going to get interesting. Senator Biden emphatically said there is no EVIDENCE of "weapons of mass destruction", which backs up his earlier statement that "the Vice President lied and the President misled." That's a quote from that same "Meet The Press" program. And without that evidence...what the HELL are we doing over there?

There is debate among people I know, (and perhaps others out there) who believe that the Vice President and his cronies are actually running the war, and Prezzident Bush is merely a figurehead who is too proud to admit this war is WRONG. If nothing else, just remember that more of our troops have died since the war ENDED, than perished in the war itself. You know why President Bush keeps saying that "Iraq is not another Vietnam?" Because it IS. I understand, that a few of the troops over there don't want America's occupation to end until the job is done. I wonder how many of those same troops just want to go home before they die needlessly? The situation in Iraq is such that when our troops secure an area, then leave to secure another area, the Iraqi forces re-occupy the area our troops secured. That's how the whole country is, and it sounds counter-productive to me.

Okay, okay, here's the picture I promised you dept.: I might have posted this before, in the earlier incarnation of this blog, but it's worth another look. Someone took an old photo, and made an "artist's rendering" which is extremely colorful, and I love vivid colors. You've probably seen the old "Lake Steamers" sign at one of the turn-outs along CDA Lake Drive; well, this is one of the "Steamers" that sign refers to:

The Steamer "Flyer" in all her glory, somewhere around 1910. Although, that doesn't look like "steam" which the ship's chimney appears to be belching out. If that boat were in service today, the captain would probably have to file an environmental impact statement each time the boat went out for a cruise. If you click on the picture, it won't get much bigger, but it's the best I could do.

I heard an old dee-jay say once, "I may not know what I'm talking about, but I sound like I do!", and that philosophy definitely holds true, as is exemplified by this post. Actually, I'm not sure how to end this post, so I'll just.....................................................

You can rest easily now. This blogger has been forcibly removed from his computer.


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