Friday, October 21, 2005

(No, not THAT restaurant. There ain't no RESORT, either!)

Many moons ago, back when I featured a "darker" page on my blogs, you may recall that I was trying to find photos of the old TEMPLIN'S Restaurant/Motor Hotel. Templin's, of course, was located on 1st and Sherman Avenue, right on the lake. But, this building was built IN HARMONY with its surroundings; it didn't stick out like a sore thumb the way the existing "Resort by the Lake" does.

Templin's survived up through about the mid-80s, before it was renamed "Murphy's Landing", and then finally met its final fate, a date with destiny, courtesy of the old wrecking ball. Mr. Templin is alive and well and doing just fine over in Post Falls, where he appears to have a much better perception among Post Falls residents than Cda's current hospitality mogul has with 'his' city. Anyway, here's another look at Templin's...

Here's a "panorama" view of the old Templin's establishment, with Coeur d'Alene Lake in the background. I had to process this photo thru my "Paintbrush" program, 'cos the Ebay seller who posted this photo wrote his name all over the background. Anyway, you get an idea of the layout of the place...

And here is the interior of Templins' Restaurant. Again, I had to do some fancy "Paintbrush" work to eradicate the Ebay guy's writing on the photo, but again, this photo gives you a sense of what Templins' looked like inside. I think you've gotta admit, that even though this was a first-class place, it "fit" with Coeur d'Alene's identity. Casual, yet nice. Not "yuppy" or "preppie" at all.

I know the "good old days" may not have been so good, but they were indicative of simpler times when things around this area weren't so glitzy and touristy. Templin's was the kind of place where anyone felt at home, whether you were a blue-collar laborer or a bigwig "mover and shaker" type of individual. I am sure these photos will bring back A LOT of memories among those who've been around here a while.


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Wow! Flat awesome!

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Hey,'re on you mighta missed this!

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